Love Is Blind: Was Kwame A Professional Soccer Player?

Love Is Blind: Was Kwame A Professional Soccer Player?

Did you think fans would leave Kwame Appiah alone now that he and Chelsea Griffin got married? Sadly for Kwame things appear to be going in the opposite direction on Love Is Blind Season 4. Fans have criticized his alleged self-hatred, his name, his flirtations with Micah Lussier, his laugh, and his messy apartment. Now they’re targeting his former soccer career (football for those outside North America). So now we have to dig into the fascinating field of professional soccer/football because fans wanted to further drag a dude on a reality show. All to answer the pressing question from the world of Love Is Blind: Was Kwame a Professional Soccer Player? 

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Kwame in his soccer jersey from back in the day

Kwame in his soccer jersey from back in the day (Instagram).

At its core the debate is over whether the teams Kwame played for can be called “professional.” We know that Kwame played in Sweden and for lower-tier teams in the USA. Firstly, the Swedish team is apparently called Kågeröds BoIF and the division Kwame played for was Division 4. Kwame played in 16 games in the 2018 season and scored 6 goals. In the USA, Kwame played for the Philadelphia Fury and the Delaware Stars in 2016. Additionally, Kwame also spent time as a coach, for youth training for the Olympics in Delaware and at a few private schools and soccer clubs.

So, it seems that the teams Kwame played for in the States were part of the American Soccer League. Generally, as far as any professional soccer exists in the USA, the teams in that league qualify. The question is whether a Division 4 team in Sweden qualifies. It’s true that the Swedish Football Association controls Division 4 teams, as opposed to regional structures that control lower-tier teams. But it seems that you don’t make any money at all in Division 4. So, if you think you need to be making a living from soccer to be “a professional soccer player” then Kwame didn’t qualify when playing in Europe.

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Unlike the other red flags we’ve collected about Kwame, this one seems to be a bit of a stretch. Remember that this is a reality show and is built on exaggeration. If anything, this is just more proof of Kwame’s clout chasing personality, which has been established already. Compared to his possibly fake call to his mom, his less-than-stellar guitar skills, his appearance on another matchmaking dating show, this is more of a symptom. Kwame likes to make himself look better than he is, which is something he has in common with other stars on the show.

Most people will also point out that there’s always an element of scripted-ness to the show. We can’t rule out the possibility that Kwame is being told to exaggerate certain things. Everyone, even Chelsea, has complained about the editing on the show, and she married the guy. While we’ll certainly watch closely to see if Kwame and Chelsea stayed together after the show, this seems like a relatively minor controversy. Hopefully the reunion will clear everything up- and if not, fans will continue to speculate.

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