Phil From Love Without Borders: Everything You Need To Know

Phil From Love Without Borders: Everything You Need To Know

Love Without Borders star Phil Michael Thomas Junior caught the interest of viewers right off the bat because of his famous dad, Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas. He also started off on a bit of an odd note, going off on a tangent about his fetish for ice cream in the bedroom. Phil’s job as a musician and his fifteen siblings (his dad is still beating Nick Cannon for now) also intrigued viewers. Here’s everything fans need to know about Phil from Love Without Borders.

Love Without Borders Star Phil’s Musician Job, Instagram, TikTok & YouTube Channel

Love Without Borders Star & Musician Philip Michael Thomas Junior Rocking Nikes

Love Without Borders star & musician Philip Michael Thomas Junior rocking Nikes (Instagram).

Phil has had an impressive music career producing songs with recording artists Akon, Tank, and Shakespeare. He self-released his debut album Box Theory in 2012. He’s working on releasing his second album, Miami is my Vice. On his YouTube channel he released a new music video in early 2022 for a song titled “Everybody’s Got A Story to Tell”. He goes by Philip Michael as his artist name.

Phil’s Instagram shows he loves to model designer clothing, goof around and display some of his new music. Phil’s TikTok videos are much of the same kind of content.

Phil’s Birthday, Age, Older Brother & Family

Philip Michael Thomas Sr and Jr Side By Side On Love Without Borders

Phil’s actor dad and him photo comparison on Love Without Borders (Bravo).

Love Without Border‘s star Phil grew up with 15 siblings due to his dad being “one of the biggest baby makers on the planet.” His dad, actor Philip Michael Thomas, wasn’t much of a presence in his life. His older brother Kahahn raised him, and the two still remain close and live in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Phil was age 35 while filming Love Without Borders. His birthday is September 21, which makes his zodiac sign Virgo. Love Without Borders was likely filmed last year before his 26th birthday, so that would make Phil 37 now.

Phil's older brother and father figure Kahahn

Phil’s older brother and father figure Kahahn (Bravo).

Phil’s dad is best known for starring role in hit TV crime drama Miami Vice, playing detective Ricardo Tubbs in the 1980s.

Phil’s mom tragically died when he was young. She was music artist Dhaima. Phil grew up around music royalty like Betty Wright and the Marleys.

Love Without Borders Star Phil's Mom

Love Without Borders star Phil’s mom, who was helping with school in Ghana shorty before her death (Bravo).

Love Without Borders Cast Member Phil's Mom

Phil’s Relationship History & Love Without Borders Partner Carmen

Love Without Borders Star Carmen

Phil’s matched girlfriend on the show is Carmen Holzer-Nkrumah. She’s half Ghanese, half Austrian. She moved to Accra, Ghana, from Austria four years prior to Phil moving in with her. A fellow artist, Carmen designs African-print clothing and African-stylized jewelry. Unlike Phil’s prolific social media presence, Carmen doesn’t have an Instagram account.

Before meeting Carmen, Phil apparently went “buckwild” after breaking up with his previous girlfriend eight months prior. After rebounding a bunch of times he practiced celibacy “for a second” (a couple months). Phil also appears to be a germaphobe, bringing a bunch of cleaning products with him to Ghana.

“I’m not going to sacrifice hygiene and cleanliness, because cleanliness is next to godliness,” Phil said on the show.

We’ll have to wait and see if Phil can handle living without a running shower.

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