Alone: What Happened To Brady Nicholls After Season 6?

Alone: What Happened To Brady Nicholls After Season 6?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: military doesn’t do well on Alone. Ex and current military on Reddit will be quick to admit that their training is for short term survival. Brady Nicholls, who was trained in SERE for the US Air Force, couldn’t make it more than 32 days. In case you’ve never heard of SERE before, these soldiers are specially trained in survival, evasion, resistance and escape. Eight out of ten contestants on Alone Season 6 quit because of injury, sickness, severe weight loss or a fire. Fans were annoyed that Brady quit despite his shelter being well constructed and him having plenty of food. You can’t fault a guy for loving his kids and wife, but the question is, what happened to Brady Nicholls after quitting Alone?

Brady is obviously good at what he does, but he ultimately didn’t have the skill set to win Alone. Mainly, guys like him seem to be on the show to illustrate this fact. And it seems like Brady has focused on his family and career to the exclusion of all else since the show.

What Happened To Brady Nicholls After Alone Season 6? Rank, Hometown, Past Work, Wife, Children, Award

According to the official Air Force website, Brady was a Staff Sergeant with the 22nd Training Squadron. He was part of the 336th Training Group at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington. Apparently Brady is so skilled at resisting interrogation that he taught other Air Force members how to do that. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Brady first got interested in bushcraft when he started working with the Anasazi Foundation. He apparently worked for Anasazi for six years before joining the military. Anasazi is an outdoor therapy organization that provides help to teenagers in need. This tracks with Brady’s other interests, as he and his wife Chelsea are registered foster parents.

In addition to his four children, Brady and Chelsea have fostered seven children in all. His Army bio says that he has fostered the children in addition to his own children. As a result it’s not clear how many of the four children in this photo are biological/adopted. We also don’t know their names, but we do know that his wife Chelsea unfortunately has some health challenges, namely rheumatoid arthritis. Brady’s unit has also won the “Best in DOD (Department of Defense)” award from the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency.

Brady Nicholls’s Age, Social Worker Job, YouTube, & Sponsorship

Depending on his birthday, Brady is either 40 or 41, as he was 36 years old on the show. We also know that he had plans to go back to school and get his degree as a social worker. However, looking for any evidence of Brady’s graduation or even the university that he might have attended yields nothing. We can’t find any social media for Brady, not even a LinkedIn or Facebook. He has a YouTube channel with exactly one video, which is a review of Weatherwool outerwear. You can also find an Instagram post by Weatherwool featuring Brady from 2019.  And… that’s basically it. It looks like he’s got his hands full taking care of his big family.

We hope that Brady is happy doing the things we know he is good at.

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