Does Lily Get Fired On Below Deck Med S8? Signs Captain Sandy Terminates Her

Does Lily Get Fired On Below Deck Med S8? Signs Captain Sandy Terminates Her

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 replacement stewardess Lily Davison doesn’t seem to be absorbing any of the lessons given to her about housekeeping on superyacht Mustique. She started off by losing Captain Sandy’s laundry, and things didn’t get better from there. Besides not knowing how to iron things or move quickly, she decided to get extremely drunk on her first crew night out. The next day she was a few hours late for work, after repeatedly puking. She only got out of bed after Captain Sandy Yawn confronted her. So, does Lily get fired on Below Deck Med Season 8?

Lily’s second charter she again struggled in her interior duties. She couldn’t make a bed to save her life. She upset Chief Stewardess Tumi Mhlongo when she discovered she was using a computer to list her tasks. Third Stew Jessika Asai didn’t show Lily much support in teaching her her roles, and the threw her under the bus. However, Lily’s lack of initiative and improvement can only be blamed on lack of leadership and help so much.

The end of episode 12, “Sink Or Swim”, Tumi told Captain Sandy Lily’s “dead weight”. The captain then had a talk with Lily warning her she has one last charter to show she’s learning.

Captain Sandy gave Lily a last chance, but she still doesn’t appear very confident in the latest previews.

Does Lily Get Fired On Below Deck Med Season 8?

It looks like Lily may be the first replacement crew member in Below Deck history to get fired and replaced by the cast member she replaced. Natalya Scudder quit Below Deck Med season 8 because she felt bullied by Kyle Viljoen. She was the eleventh crew member in Below Deck history to quit a charter season early. Well, that’s the official reason she gave. She also wanted to be closer to her “open relationship” boyfriend AJ. She somehow felt guilty for starting a boatmance with Luka Brunton when her boyfriend was being unfaithful to her.

That said, Natalya flirty texting with Luka on episodes 11 and 12 suggest the two may reconnect. A preview for the second half of the season also shows Natalya returning to Genoa, Italy, to start things up again with Luka. Well, many fans don’t think she just flew back at the end of the season to be with Luka. The likely reason she comes back on the show is because Captain Sandy asked her to return because Lily didn’t improve her work.

The previews show Luka and Natalya rekindle their romance on the show, which obviously upsets Jess. Furthermore, Jessika ends up kissing deckhand Max Salvador to try and make Luka jealous. Well, all the plotlines suggest Natalya retakes her position aboard superyacht Mustique. Most likely, Natalya broke up with her boyfriend shortly after quitting. She then felt free to go back on a boat and reconnect with Luka, guilt-free.

Despite likely fired on Below Deck Med season 8, Lily appears to have had a great time on the show. She’s sharing lots of pictures and IG stories of her time on the show. Although fired Below Deck stars typically don’t celebrate their time on the show, recent stars fired have basked in the spotlight. Below Deck season 10‘s stars Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber are recent examples. Fired crew members still enjoying the limelight is yet another sign Below Deck is scripted reality TV.

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