Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale Recap & Fan Reactions

Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale Recap & Fan Reactions

The mood is right. The spirit’s up. The Big Brother Reindeer Games finale was last night and that’s more than enough! The word is out, around the town, that a new winner has been crowned. But which of our four finalists will go down in history? And which three will have a nightmare before Christmas? Is Nicole Franzel, Taylor Hale, Frankie Grande, or Xavier Prather our Christmas champion? Let’s get straight to the action so we can all finally say Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale: Naughty and Nice Challenge/Semi-Final Matches

Our Santa’s Helper for this final episode was Tiffany Mitchell once again. The final Naughty and Nice Challenge winner got an advantage in one of two semi-final matches. To win, players had to find the fake painting in the house, which was switched out when the guests weren’t looking. Xavier’s keen lawyer’s eye helped him here as he was watching the paintings and he quickly pointed the fake out. He won the power to make the two semi-final matchups, and he got a 30 second head start over his opponent. Xavier and Taylor consulted in Santa’s Office and decided they want to be the final 2. So, they won’t be facing each other. But Xavier tried to give himself an edge by putting himself against Nicole. Taylor would have a tough time against Frankie, so she wasn’t thrilled.

Xavier and Nicole had to fix a nutcracker by putting 28 gears together. Nicole came close to being knocked off as she put one gear by itself but fixed it. But ultimately, her strategy of checking the gears after each new addition worked and she pulled out the upset against Xavier! Then it was time for Frankie and Taylor to battle it out. Their game was shooting projectiles from a giant slingshot and hitting law-breaking elves based on clues. Taylor and Frankie were close with Frankie in the lead until he missed and hit the wrong elf, and had to start again! Taylor didn’t miss and eliminated Frankie. Our final two were Taylor and Nicole.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale: The Final Battle

Santa Claus joined all the evicted guests to watch the finale. Nobody could believe that Nicole and Taylor beat Xavier and Frankie. But the final challenge was a wild holiday triathlon. First, the finalists had to build a Christmas tree puzzle, climb up and grab the magic mistletoe. Taylor was ahead at the end of Round 1, but Nicole made an absolutely crazy jump to grab her mistletoe. Next there was a three-part maze that had to be unscrambled in order to obtain the ancient antlers. Both houseguests struggled, but Taylor retained the advantage at the end of Round 2.

The final leg of the triathlon involved stacking snowflakes of different sizes together to get the sacred snowflake. Taylor finished a bag of snowflakes while Nicole was still struggling to find the antlers. Nicole entered the snowflake challenge after Taylor finished a second bag of flakes. But Nicole started stacking like crazy and catching up fast. Taylor and Nicole got to be neck and neck with bag #3, and that’s where the trouble started as the stacks kept toppling over. Finally, Nicole realized that the heavy snowflakes from the third bag had to go in the middle of the stack. That’s where she pulled ahead and grabbed bag #4, finished it quickly and hit the button to win. After saving Christmas, Nicole won the $100,000 and Taylor won runner-up. After everyone sang “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” Santa took off in his sleigh and this mini-series was ho-ho-over.

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