Love Is Blind’s Morgan: Alexa Alfia’s Stepmom From Season 3

Love Is Blind's Morgan: Alexa Alfia's Stepmom From Season 3

Love Is Blind’s Morgan Alfia, Alexa’s stepmom, briefly shows up at the end of Episode 6 of Season 3. A nervous Brennon Lemieux is outnumbered and outgunned while meeting her skeptical Israeli family. Alexa supports her man by bringing up the couple’s mutual love of shakshouka. This spicy concoction of eggs poached in a tomato sauce is popular all over the Middle East and in Israel especially. Upon hearing this, a surprised Morgan blurts out, “I never would think that looking at you!” Yikes! But later, when Alexa’s dad and Morgan’s much older husband Adam Alfia picks up on Brennon’s habit of answering “Yes sir,” Morgan comments, “It’s a respectful Southern thing. It’s sweet.”

Love Is Blind Star Alexa's Stepmom Morgan Alfia

Love Is Blind season 3 Star Alexa’s stepmom Morgan Alfia is stunningly beautiful (Instagram).

And… that’s Morgan, basically. She loves her family and her husband and does an insane amount of work to keep the crazy Alfia family unit functioning. However, her sheltered nature and luxurious lifestyle are obvious and there isn’t much going on outside of  spending time with loved ones and the job as the mom of the tribe. What else can we learn about the first lady of the Alfia empire?

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Alexa’s Stepmom Morgan’s Instagram & Marital Bliss

Morgan & Adam Alfia Celebrating Her Birthday

Alexa’s stepmom Morgan celebrating her birthday with Adam Alfia (Instagram).

Fans have seized on the age difference between Morgan and husband Adam. She’s 33, and he’s 51. That’s an 18-year age gap between them. That means there’s almost two decades between husband and wife. They’ve been married for 7 years, together for 10 which means she was 23 when they got together. It also means there isn’t a huge age gap between Morgan and her stepdaughter Alexa, who is age 27! Though this has to get awkward at times, both women are constantly supporting each other on social media. Morgan’s birthday is March 31, which makes her a charismatic and resourceful Aries. Morgan is also close with her father, Randy Sadlin.

Morgan has had one child with Adam, little Emma, who is four years old and whom Alexa adores. Morgan’s Instagram is dominated by cute videos of the tiny munchkin. She also has a second daughter, 12-year-old Sophia, makes a lot of appearances as well. According to this interview on her fitness business, she owned the family Allstate insurance agency that was sold to Alexa when she became pregnant with Emma. Sadly, she struggled with body image issues and postpartum depression. An indoor cycling class helped her bounce back and was the trigger for opening Neon Cycle and Strength, the gym she co-manages with Adam, part of his business empire. Neon is unique in that there is even a childcare center on site!

Morgan & Adam With Their Daughter Emma

She also wears a very big rock, the engagement ring Adam got her.

Alexa’s Stepmom Morgan Maintains Picture Perfect Status

When Love Is Blind’s Morgan isn’t being a super mom, she’s making sure she looks absolutely fantastic at all times. The Mesquite, Texas native loves to wear her black cowgirl hat, her red reflective shades, and her white boots. She’ll post pictures from concerts in Miami, vacations in Rome, or return trips to Israel. She will shout out brands like Balmain and Nike, but prefers to focus on her makeup. Some of her favourite artists include @beautybyomar  @alayzacaseymakeup and @allthingsglam_byjee. Though many fashion accounts ask her to wear their creations, she prefers to wear her own styles. She is a huge fan of Australian music group Rufus Du Soul and can often be partying with her besties Nicole Craven and Alexis Smith.

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