BB 25: Cameron’s Full Interview With Julie After Eviction

It was the end of the road for ole Southern cowboy houseguest Cameron Hardin on Big Brother 25. Or was it? After a unanimous eviction vote, before the houseguests learned it would be a double eviction night, everyone voted Cameron over America Lopez, the other nominee on the block. Let’s take a look at Cameron’s full interview with Julie Chen Moonves after he left the house.

“I am feeling shocked Miss Julie, I can’t believe this,” Cameron first said in front of the live audience onThursday night, September 21.

“A little sarcasm. What about the unanimous vote?”

“Oh I expected it. I’m happy that they all banded together to take down a big mean Cameron. No, it’s good for them, I’m really excited.”

“Was thus experience everything you expected and hoped it would be?”

“It’s everything I could not have even dreamed of it was so amazing. Of course, you know nick against the wall the entire time since week 1, I’m the levy was bound to break I guess. Aside from that it was the most unforgettable, incredible experience I’ve had ever.”

“Well I have some news for you.”


“You may feel like your game is dead, but it’s actually undead. Because you are now a Big Brother zombie.”

“I cannot wait to hear about this one.”

“You’re going to have to wait to find out.”

Twitter/X fan reactions were mixed upon Cameron getting the axe.

So it turns out Cameron’s Big Brother zombie status along with other evicted houseguest Jared Fields means they get to return to the Big Brother house as the undead during the Scaryverse week. By the end of the week one of them will return to the game. That means Cameron won’t be doing a full interview with Julie, at least not this week.

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