BB 25: Who Got Evicted In Double Eviction Night & Undead Zombies Explained

BB 25: Who Got Evicted In Double Eviction Night & Undead Zombies Explained

Big Brother 25 houseguests started the live Thursday night episode deciding whether to vote out America Lopez or Cameron Hardin. It wasn’t much of a secret that the whole was gunning to axe Cameron once he stayed on the block. He’d already evaded eviction several times prior and proven himself as a certified comp beast. He was only one spot away from winning the last POV competition before getting backdoored. So, who got evicted on the double eviction night and what are the undead zombies in Week 8.

Without any surprise, Cameron was voted out unanimously eight to zero. In Cameron’s exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves he made it clear he wasn’t at all surprised. However, Julie dangled Cameron a glimmer of hope when she told him he would become a  Big Brother zombie this week. The remaining houseguests all competed in a live HOH competition, which Cory Wurtenberger won. He backstabbed  showmance couple Jared Fields and Blue Kim by putting them on the block during the nomination ceremony.

Houseguests then competed in a live Power of Veto competition, in which houseguests had race to find shapes hidden under a bunch of foam balls. Physically fit professional swimmer Matt Klotz finally showed what he was made of, winning the double eviction night POV. Matt also backstabbed two of his allies when he opted to not use the POV on Blue or Jared.

Big Brother 25: Who Got Evicted In Double Eviction Night And Undead Zombies Explained

Julie then hosted another live eviction. By a vote of six to one, Jared was evicted from the Big Brother house. But before the many Big Brother fans who dislike Jared after he used the r-word, among various other offences like having a showmance while having a girlfriend back home, Julie informed Cameron and Jared that they weren’t out just yet.

She let them know they were returning to the house as undead Big Brother zombies for the week. By the end of Week 8, one of them will have their Big Brother game resurrected. Instead of there being an Head of Household or POV competition, there will be an unprecedented Scaryverse week involving Jared and Cameron competing to get back in the game. With CBS billing the 25th anniversary edition of Big Brother as the first 100 day competition, it looks like they have the time to slowdown evictions.

So technically neither Jared or Cameron are officially evicted from the Big Brother house in Week 7.

Julie also let viewers know the next episode of Big Brother will air at 10 PM EST/9 PM CST on Sunday, September 24. There will be no Wednesday episode next week. Meanwhile, the Thursday episode will air at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST.

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