Who Is Lydia From Love Is Blind S5: Geologist Job, Salary, Relationship Status, More

Who Is Lydia From Love Is Blind S5: Job, Age, Birthday, IG, More

Lydia Gonzalez works with buried rocks as a geologist, but she had a deep secret buried while in the pods. As she entered the pods on Love Is Blind season 5 she made a very close friend in nurse Aaliyah Cosby. She also became close to nerdy scientist Milton Johnson. Everything was going well until Aaliyah’s potential husband Uche Okoroha told Aaliyah that he and Lydia had been in an intimate relationship just months ago. So, can you blame Lydia for keeping things on the down low? It looks like Milton proposed to Lydia if the episode preview is anything to go by. But what about Aaliyah and Uche, as Aaliyah left the pods… and Uche? Has Lydia become Love Is Blind‘s first ever accidental villain? Let’s find out more about who is Lydia from Love Is Blind.  

Who is Lydia from Love Is Blind? Instagram, Tiktok, Travel, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Age

Lydia celebrating her birthday and turning age 32 in 2023

Lydia celebrating her birthday and turning age 32 in 2023 (Instagram).

Lydia’s full name is Lydia Arleen Velez Gonzalez and she is proudly from Puerto Rico. According to Netflix’s Tudum cast article, Lydia is proud of her loud personality and wants someone who can handle challenges. She says that transparency is important in a partner, which is something that would have come in handy in the pods from her side. Lydia’s Instagram (@lavg), currently sitting at 4,088 followers, shows her love of travel and that her “right amount of me” catchphrase has been in effect for a year. Lydia’s favorite thing to do in her spare time is change her look and pose by the water or near a cityscape. Her TikTok  is a bit more stripped down at only 801 followers as of writing, but it shows off her silly side including some fun vids with her mama.


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Lydia’s birthday is August 29th, which makes her another cast Virgo just like Izzy Zapata. This may be why she vibed with him initially, but also explains her similar blend of chaos and responsibility. She turned 32 last month, which makes her six years older than her pod lover Milton, who turns 26 in October.

Who Is Lydia from Love Is Blind? Geologist Job, Salary, Net Worth, Education, Family

Lydia traveling in Mexico and modeling a bathing suit

Lydia traveling in Mexico and modeling a bathing suit (Instagram).

We know Lydia is a geologist, but who’s paying her to get look at dirt and rocks? You won’t find her LinkedIn, but googling her full name and “geologist” reveals that she works at engineering and infrastructure company Arcadis. Her Facebook profile confirms this as well. It’s estimated that a geologist working at Arcadis makes over $100,000 a year. Although her net worth isn’t public, her salary suggests she lives a comfortable life. We can also find out that she graduated from the Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Mayaguez. This is the second largest university in Puerto Rico. Her profile says she is single, but we know not to trust that until we see what happens at the altar.

Although it’s too early to tell if Lydia and Milton said I do at the altar, Milton’s active Facebook profile has him listed as single. Meanwhile, fans wanting to make sense of Lydia’s relationship with Uche can find out more here.

Lydia showing her knowledge as a geologist

Lydia showing her knowledge as a geologist (Instagram).

Lydia has at least one brother, William-Jose, who shouts her out on his own FB profile. William-Jose is an impressive dude in his own right, having worked for Children’s National Hospital and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. Sometimes, fans like to speculate on whether a reality show contestant has had plastic surgery, but Lydia prefers to use Misses Kisses bras. She’s left a very positive review for these special frontless bras that are all natural. It’s in keeping with her unvarnished personality.

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