Love Is Blind: Are Kwame & Chelsea Still Married Or Divorced?

Love Is Blind: Are Kwame & Chelsea Still Married Or Divorced?

Iffy reality TV couple Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin made Love Is Blind fans uncomfortable throughout season 4. Kwame’s lack of gusto and enthusiasm towards Chelsea compared to his pod flame Micah Lussier really incensed viewers. He continued to show way more attraction for Micah at the resort in Mexico, as well as at Chelsea’s birthday party! Now, fans are wondering: are Kwame and Chelsea still married or are they on their way to divorce after Love Is Blind season 4?

Kwame Claims He’s Still Married To Chelsea In Interview Recorded Before Love Is Blind Season 4 Aired

Kwame and Chelsea when happily engaged singing in the car together

Kwame and Chelsea when happily engaged singing in the car together (Instagram).

In an interview with on the YouTube channel Pay Or Wait, Kwame confirmed he’s still married to Chelsea. “We still cool, we still married,” Kwame told the host. However, the interview released on April 14, but was conducted back in March before all the episodes were aired and the cast members had seen the show.

Kwame’s flirtatious rendezvouses with Micah may cause some friction for his marriage with Chelsea. She definitely didn’t see him tell producers “Micah has a special place in my heart” and how he still thought about her often in the leadup to his wedding day with Chelsea.

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After the finale finally aired, Kwame shared an Instagram story of him and Chelsea, age 31, singing and dancing together.

Love Is Blind fans thought the two were on the rocks when Kwame, age 33, was spotted alone at a bar in Seattle bull riding. However, maybe it was one more red herring to throw off viewers from thinking these two would end up happily married.

Chelsea Met Kwame’s Mom On Thanksgiving Day Weekend 2022

“All of this content was taken during our engagement, when the big cameras weren’t on us. We got to enjoy life, and communicate, in the ways that feel most natural to us. Just a quick response to anyone saying ‘they have no chemistry’, or ‘they don’t even love each other’.. based on what you saw, I don’t blame you for thinking that. But actually, we had the MOST fun together falling in love!” Kwame explained in an Instagram post with videos and pictures of the cute now-married couple.

Chelsea and Kwame taking a selfie

Chelsea and Kwame taking a selfie (Instagram).

Chelsea also told Today she met Kwame’s mom on Thanksgiving Day weekend in 2022.

“It was a beautiful time. It was a loud, fun, loving family and I loved it. Yes, there’s still room to grow with his mom but it was a perfect first visit. She really saw my character and who I was.”

So Kwame and Chelsea getting a divorce looks to be off the table at this time. We’ll have to wait for the live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode to get more on Chelsea’s thoughts about Kwame shamelessly flirting with Micah at her birthday party though. Chelsea hasn’t yet made a post with Kwame in it, so perhaps he’s still in the dog house with her pet Rocky.

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