Too Hot To Handle’s Dre: Age, Job, IG, Relationship & More

Too Hot To Handle's Dre: Age, Job, IG, Relationship & More

Too Hot To Handle season 5‘s self proclaimed rule enforcer, Dre (Shedre) Woodard has a reason to keep his eye on the prize. With 12 siblings to care about, $200,000 would go a long way. Unfortunately, Detective Dre is no Benoit Blanc. Rule breaks at double the penalty are coming with regularity, and all Dre can do is react with consternation. On top of that, none of the women seem to be the least bit interested in him.

We can only hope that Dre isn’t stuck in this role for 6 more episodes. There’s got to be something more interesting to learn about late bloomer Dre, who says he is making up for lost time. His Netflix bio says that he dates a new woman on every day of the week that ends in Y. That may be a brag, but as we’ll see, Too Hot To Handle‘s Dre backs it up

Too Hot To Handle’s Dre: Age, Birthday, Job, Instagram, TikTok, Job

THTH season 5's Dre graduating college recently

THTH season 5’s Dre graduating college recently (Instagram).

23-year-old Dre hails from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a natural on camera and is well-liked by everyone despite his attempts to keep order. Even bad boy Louis Russell, the source of many rule breaks, is open about how funny Dre is. Accordingly, Dre’s ability to seem natural on this highly contrived show was honed in the classroom as well. Significantly, Dre studied Mass Media Arts at Clark Atlanta University, focusing on TV, Radio, and Film. He’s only very recently out of school, and has actually posted pics of his graduation ceremony only two months ago. Presently, while he’s not showing off for the TV cameras, he’s showing out in the boxing ring or demonstrating sick fitness gains. He appears to work as an aspiring influencer, boxer and fitness pro.


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? Let Me Blow Ya Mind – Eve

Indeed, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of Dre’s Instagram, you’ll see a VISA commercial he acted in back in 2017. It is true that he needs to work on his follower count, as he only has 5,815 as of writing. Dre’s TikTok is also just getting started at only 87 followers. Dre is also a very newly minted 23-year-old in his Jordan year, as his birthday was June 26. This means he is an optimistic and sensitive Cancer who is always focused on the plan.

After the show finished airing, Dre sadly still ranks near the bottom for THTH season 5 castmates with the most Instagram followers.

Too Hot To Handle’s Dre: Under Investigation

Dre showing off his boxing skills

Dre showing off his boxing skills (Instagram).

Dre refuses to discuss his love life or his net worth, so we won’t be able to determine those facts. Guess he wasn’t able to find love or a connection on Too Hot To Handle season 5 after all. However, we know he’s made connections to other countries, as shown by his extensive travel history. Dre took a long trip to China and visited the Forbidden City in 2019. He’s also featured pictures from Italy and France, and shows off some of the delicious eats he experienced there. Dre also believes in giving back to the community, as he attended the United Negro College Fund Conference in 2020. He also has some serious court skills, which he shows off on his Instagram, and is a committed Lakers fan.

Dre hanging out in California looking for single ladies

Dre hanging out in California looking for single ladies (Instagram).

Dre has his whole life ahead of him and let’s hope that Too Hot To Handle season 5 was a learning experience in the work he still needs to put into his game.

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