Do Cole And Zanab Say Yes On Love Is Blind: Clues They Split

Do Cole And Zanab Say Yes On Love Is Blind: Clues They Split

Love Is Blind season 3 diehard fans need to know if Cole and Zanab say yes to marriage, and we finally have the answer. Flight attendant Zanab Jaffrey put up with a lot from her childish fiancé and real estate businessman Cole Barnett. Things started off like a fairytale in the pods, but the relationship became tumultuous as soon as they went on the romantic getaway trip to a Malibu ranch.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Cole Barnett Looking Worried On His Wedding Day

Cole looking like he’s getting cold feet on his wedding day with Zanab in the finale’s preview (Netflix).

Cole shoved both his feet in his mouth telling Zanab he thought she was “a nine”. But he wasn’t done digging himself a hole there. He then informed his fiancée he thought Collen Reed and Raven Ross were hotter “tens”! He then had the nerve to suggest he was giving her a compliment. Even though he clearly upset Zanab with his previous comments, he decided to mosey on up to Colleen during the pool party and flirtatiously tell her she was more his type

All those were enough red flags for Zanab to probably realize she should dump him. But Love Is Blind is scripted reality TV and the show must go on.

Signs Suggested Zanab & Cole Split At The End Of Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind Villain Cole Barnett Shocked At Reunion

Love Is Blind villain Cole Barnett shocked in the season 3 reunion episode (Netflix).

The finale confirmed all the signs, Zanab and Cole break up at the altar. Zanab viciously tells Cole he destroyed her self-confidence with his insults. She then rejected him, yet still said she loved him, and left him crying at the altar. Not a lot of fans are going to shed tears for Cole.

There are some pretty strong signs from outside the show’s first ten episodes that Cole and Zanab don’t say “I do” at the altar. Netflix released a preview that shows Zanab saying she has something to “tell you”. It’s most likely Cole, but the edit doesn’t make it clear. The brief preview then cuts to Cole aghast saying a shocked, “What!?” We’ll update this once we watch the reunion.

However, that was pretty weak conjecture on whether or not they broke up, but their Instagram accounts pushed the narrative they may still actually be together.

Zanab doesn’t follow Cole on Instagram, which seemed odd if they’re still together. However, she barely follows anyone and none of the other cast members, either.

Zanab has only posted one picture with Cole, and it was their reveal.

Love Is Blind Are Cole & Zanab Still Together After Season 3

Cole commented that their reveal was “the thrill of his life”, but he is one for hyperbolic theatrics (Instagram).

Zanab’s LinkedIn shows she started working in real estate after meeting Cole, the same industry he works in. Coincidence? Well, maybe not, but she definitely did dump his ass at their wedding.

Cole’s midnight dance party posted on his Instagram from this September with friends shows a mystery woman on a couch who fans thought might be Zanab.

However, it turns out it’s most likely Cole’s new girlfriend.

Cole still follows Zanab on Instagram and has posted lots of happy memories of the two’s relationship with affectionate captions.

On top of that, Cole appears to be wearing a wedding band on his left ring finger in a teaser photo for the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion teaser. You really have to zoom in though. Perhaps the impulsive reality TV star is already engaged to the new lady in his life. We’ll update after watching the reunion.

This is the underdog couple that fans were not rooting for. Cozé would’ve certainly made a lot of fans uncomfortable with Zanab’s decision.

One things for certain, though, Cole and Zanab didn’t get married in Dallas like these two Love Is Blind season 3 couples.

Fans Not Shocked Zanab Said “I Do Not” To Cole In Finale

Let’s recall more of the drama that unfolded on the show leading up to Zanab saying “I do not”.

Back in Dallas, things seemed to get better between the two, and Cole started to say he was really falling for “Zay”. They learned to foxtrot together and put a lock on a bridge symbolizing their love for one another.

But the unpredictable and zany Cole couldn’t keep things on an even keel. The couple had a disastrous night their last day together before the wedding, where he labeled Zanab bipolar. Cole’s inability to cook a simple meal frustrated Zanab, and he got offended when she patronized him for putting white wine in a non-stemmed glass. Childish Cole then decided this was a good time to start shooting nerf balls at his upset fiancée.

However there were other fundamental strains on their fast-tracked relationship, too. Zanab informed the girls at the bachelorette party that Cole’s family that Zanab wasn’t the girl for him and refused to meet her or go to the wedding. However, they did follow her on Instagram. Zanab’s parents both tragically died when she was young, and her older sister based in the UK couldn’t get a flight to attend the wedding. Without any of the immediate family coming to the wedding, nor even the consent of Cole’s parents, it would be a tough wedding to get through.

Love Is Blind fans on Reddit and Twitter haven’t hidden their disdain for Cole. Some of the fanbase also find Zanab to be “cold” and that she doesn’t appear to actually like Cole.

We’ll update this article with all the details from the reunion shortly.

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