Did Alexa & Brennon Get Married On Love Is Blind: Clues They Said Yes

It’s time for an update on the evidence that Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux say yes on Love Is Blind. All predictions for Love Is Blind season 3 were dashed after SK Alagbada rejected Raven Ross at the end of Episode 10. If we end up with the traditional two couples who say “I do,” that means another struggling couple will look past their issues. That said, later on in this article we have what looks like definitive proof answering the question: “Did Alexa and Brennon get married on Love Is Blind season 3?”

Just because Alexa and Brennon have been conflict-free doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to make it. Something happened during the wedding to produce that teaser where Brennon cries (and apparently gets cold feet) and Alexa looks to be running away. Then there’s the foreshadowing of Brennon’s mom warning Alexa about Brennon’s tendency to run. Brennon has the added pressure of need to convert to Judaism, too. Also, the financial differences between the couple are very much a thing. On balance, and compared to other couples, the positives outweigh the negatives. Here’s the case for why Alexa and Brennon almost certainly said “yes”.

Social Media Evidence That Alexa And Brennon Say Yes On Love Is Blind

The producers of this show know full well that viewers are obsessively watching Instagram and TikTok to find spoilers. Brennon and Alexa don’t show rings in their Insta posts, but that’s because they’re pretty obviously hiding their hands. Brennon has been pretty creative, hiding his hand behind a water glass in his latest post. Some true obsessives swear he wasn’t thorough enough and they can see a bit of a ring in one photo. Alexa has also called Brennon “one of the three most important men in her life” as of three days ago. Brennon posted that he only has eyes for Alexa as of October 27. If they did have an angry blowup or one rejected the other after that buildup, this isn’t what it would look like.

We also have evidence that Alexa and Brennon say yes from their vacation photos. Both members of this pair apparently vacationed at Tulum Beach, Mexico in September 2021. We can’t find it now, but apparently at one time a photo was taken by Alexa’s friends with Brennon in the shot. Alexa has also posted a TikTok where she responds to mean comments. Behind her, a very un-Alexa but very Brennon piece of wall decor is clearly visible.

Physical Evidence That They Say Yes

We’ll cover it in more detail in this article about couples that got married, but some fans have hit on a very logical solution: checking marriage licenses. TikTok user @downlinepod summarizes the case here. If this is true, however, then Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed also did get married. This is admittedly hard to swallow after watching Matt blow up repeatedly and Colleen constantly mask how she’s really feeling.

There’s also one last piece of information that only fits if Alexa and Brennon did say yes: the fact that Alexa doesn’t appear to be working at her insurance job anymore. Remember that Alexa wanted to be a stay at home mom. Google “Alexa Alfia Insurance Agency” and you’ll see it’s permanently closed. The agency also forfeited its existence a few years ago.

We’ll have to wait a few more days for all to be revealed in the finale. But it’ll be a roller coaster ride regardless.

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