Love Is Blind: How Brett’s Brother Arvin Died & Who He Was

Love Is Blind: How Brett's Brother Arvin Died & Who He Was

Viewers want to know how Love Is Blind star Brett’s brother Arvin died and who his deceased older brother was before his tragic death (Facebook).

All the episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4  are out except for the reunion in two days. As predicted, Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell are now married. The happy couple had an extremely smooth journey from the pods to the altar. Significantly, Tiffany’s embarrassing nap in the pods was the only brief, challenge. The show resorted to an annoying sneaky edit where picky pants Brett was frustrated about the loose fit of his dress pants on the wedding day. It didn’t do much against successful meetings with their respective friend groups, and approving and supportive families. But there were a few honestly sad moments, such as when Brett opened up about sadly deceased brother Arvin to Tiffany in the pods. With Arvin coming up again at the wedding episode, fresh questions were raised. Here’s what we know about Brett’s dead brother Arvin.

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Love Is Blind: How Brett’s Brother Arvin Died

Brett's brother Arvin

Brett’s brother Arvin a couple years before he died in a car crash (Facebook).

Obviously, Brett previously described the awful night that he was told to “come home” by Arvin’s fiancée to Tiffany in the pods. Earlier, it seems that Brett, whose other brother Angus we saw on the show, was all set to celebrate his brother’s wedding. However, Arvin never made it to his wedding as he was the victim of a car crash. We saw how Brett was still deeply upset about losing his brother a decade later as Arvin died in 2012.

The family have been understandably quiet about Arvin’s death, but some details can be found about the incident and who Arvin was. Wilmington, North Carolina’s NBC-affiliated news station, WECT, actually has a report from the accident from 2012. The article gives Arvin’s full name — Arvin Dion Brown — and states that he was only 34-yeras-old at the time of his passing. They also describe the circumstances of the accident. Arvin was coming out of a turn, overcorrected, and accidentally drove his vehicle into a creek. Brett corroborates these details when he describes how Arvin never came home.

Love Is Blind: Who Was Brett’s Tragically Deceased Brother Arvin? Memorials To Arvin

Arvin was laid to rest on June 12, 2012, one week after his accident. Brett’s brother Arvin’s obituary states that the funeral took place at the First Baptist Church of Riegelwood, North Carolina. Unfortunately, no one has posted condolences on this online notice, but it may not be too late now that Brett is a lot more well known.

There is another public memorial to Arvin- his Facebook profile. From the photos, we can see that Arvin’s fiancée was named Paula, and his son is named Gavin Dion Brown. There is another photo of a little girl, most likely his daughter and Brett’s niece.

Brett clearly doesn’t take life for granted, recalling his older brother tragic death and being grateful for every moment he has with family and friends.

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