Love Is Blind’s Tiffany: Amazon Job, IG, Age, Birthday & More

Love Is Blind's Tiffany: Amazon Job, IG, Age, Birthday & More

Love Is Blind‘s Tiffany Pennywell is the one who is going to send us on an emotional roller coaster. Early on in the trailer, Tiffany claims, “I have doubts about being my age and not finding a person.” Well, it looks like she found person, who “sees things in me that sometimes I don’t see in myself.” We also see her pop through the sliding doors with a big smile on her face, so there was a real connection made. And she liked what she saw (But the show isn’t about appearances of course). But to whom, and are those tears of happiness or sadness we see from Tiffany? Whoever it is, he had a major effect on her. So will Tiffany struggle with her insecurity, or will this mystery man take advantage of it? Whatever the case, let’s hope that we will be rooting for Tiffany instead of against her potential husband. Let’s learn what we can about her.

Love Is Blind’s Tiffany: Age, Amazon Job, Vacations

Tiffany Pennywell from Love Is Blind season 4

Tiffany Pennywell from Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Tiffany’s sincere wish is for a partner that takes control and is innovative and creative. (Again: it looks like she got her wish!) At age 37 (36 at the time of filming), Tiffany is the second-oldest woman on the show. She was born in Houston, Texas, but now resides in the Pacific Northwest. She’s listed as a “Client Lead Recruiter”, which is a very high paying HR job. That would be impressive enough, but checking out Tiffany’s LinkedIn reveals she works for Amazon. Tiffany loves to live in style, always partying and making special memories with her friend group.

For college, Tiffany studied Kinesiology at the University of North Texas.

There are many destinations that Tiffany travels with her crew. In 2023, that included the Pleasure Pier in Galveston, the Saint Lucia Carnival, and the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. In 2022, they visited a Van Gogh exhibit and Disneyland.  2021 led her group of gals to hang out in Miami, Chicago, Vegas and at the Great Gum Wall of Seattle. In 2019, they went on a trip to Jamaica for Carnival, while 2018’s destination was Thailand. She’s also checked out the Arizona desert and Coachella about five years ago.

Love Is Blind‘s Tiffany: Instagram, Birthday & Zodiac Sign, Cosplay & Costumes, Family, Beyonce Fandom

Tiffany from Love Is Blind season 4

Tiffany from Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Tiffany’s Instagram shows that she likes to go all out for her birthday. That special day is November 28, which makes Tiffany a spontaneous and fun-loving Sagittarius. One fun thing she likes to do is dress up in costumes for Halloween, including a picture-perfect Carmen Sandiego. Tiffany also appears to be a cherished only child, who takes time to celebrate each of her parents separately on Mother’s and Father’s Day. She also loves to take in Seattle Mariners games in her spare time.

Tiffany is a big fan of inspirational quotes, many of which seem to describe her mindset. She sees herself as having a great sense of humor and is quick with her wit. She might also zing you with a dirty joke. If you look closely at her profile, you can see that she cites Beyonce Knowles as an inspiration. Once, she saw one of Bey’s concerts on two hours of sleep.

Tiffany is slowly gaining influence on Instagram, and will have a big explosion in followers by the time the show drops. Tiffany’s TikTok does exist, but it has no content just yet. We can’t wait to see whether this accomplished woman finally finds her true love.

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