Below Deck Charter Guests Jake And Crystal Confuse Fans

Below Deck Charter Guests Jake And Crystal Confuse Fans

On Below Deck season 10‘s episode 15, “The Stud Sails Again”, Captain Lee Rosbach returns to a now-cohesive crew, but a group of drink-loving charter guests deliver some of their own potential drama. Primary Charter Guest Jake Clopton and his “sister-in-law” Crystal McCahill are confusing fans with their relationship on social media. Chief Steward Fraser Olender suggested charter guests Jake and Crystal were having an affair aboard superyacht St. David while vacationing in Saint Lucia.

Actress Crystal McCahill modeling

Actress Crystal McCahill modeling (Instagram).

The rumor all started after Fraser told stew Hayley De Sola Pinto that they were “shagging”.

“She’s very polite,” Hayley told Fraser.

“She is lovely, yeah,” Fraser said back.

“She’s with him?”

“She’s shagging him,” Fraser said in a matter of fact tone, despite not actually knowing.

“Oh, they’re not together,” Hayley said surprised.

“Well, I would highly doubt it,” Fraser responded back.

Apparently Fraser came to the conclusion based off of Crystal deciding to sleep on Jake’s couch of his cabin.

Sister-in-law Crystal McCahill on Below Deck season 10

“Crystal, if you want to share, there’s two floors. It’s at your disposal,” Jake said.

“I can sleep on Jake’s couch, in his room,” said Crystal.

“It’s definitely a little strange that the primary is sharing a cabin with his sister-in-law. Ultimately we have no idea who these people are or what situation they’re getting up to sort of after dark. But something doesn’t really add up,” Fraser said later in the episode, further fanning the flames of his unsubstantiated rumor.

Commercial real estate broker and Clopton Capital owner Jake Clopton had a group of his friends, family and business associates join him yachting. According to former Playboy centerfold model and actress Crystal McCahill, Jake’s wife had to stay back in Chicago to care of their three young kids.

Primary Charter Guest Jake Clopton at dinner on Below Deck season 10

Below Deck Season 10 Fans Confused By Relationship of Charter Guests Jake And Crystal

Bravo describing putting Crystal's sister-in-law description in scare quotes and in doubt

Bravo putting Crystal’s sister-in-law description in scare quotes and in doubt (Bravo).

Some Below Deck fans jumped to conclusions like Fraser, pouncing on the two charter guests on Twitter.


Below Deck Reddit users were equally confused by the relationships of the charter guests.

“Mark is with Angel, Claire and Albron, Josh and Olivia, and Jake, so I’m on the couch downstairs, It’s so cozy, pretty much my brother, so–,” said Crystal, explaining the cabin setup of the charter guests.

“Jake is married to my best friend, she’s like our sister,” she added. Crystal’s brother, Josh McCahill, was also on the yacht trip with his girlfriend Olivia. So apparently Jake’s absent wife is like family to Crystal and Josh, so Jake calls them his sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

“And where is she now?” Fraser asked.

“She’s in Chicago, with the babies,” Crystal explained.

“Oh, I see, so she couldn’t come because of that,”

“Yeah [laughs], that’s interesting,” Fraser said in a confessional studio cut segment, still spinning the affair rumor.

As of writing, Crystal McCahill hasn’t responded on Twitter or Instagram to the spurious rumor started by Fraser that she was having a relationship with her best friend’s husband.

Below Deck Production Accused Of Staging Drama In Past Seasons

Below Deck season 10 charter guest Crystal McCahill previously starred on reality TV show Girls Next Door

Below Deck season 10 charter guest Crystal McCahill, age 39, previously starred on reality TV show Girls Next Door in several episodes (Instagram).

It wouldn’t be the first time charter guests accused Below Deck of being fake and scripted. Breathometer creator Charles Michael Yim said that the crew staged drama on his superyacht charter because his group were deemed “too boring”.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 nightmare charter guests Erica Rose and her husband Charles claim they were extremely rude on purpose because that’s what the show’s production wanted.

So perhaps Below Deck season 10’s show production edited the few minutes of charter guests Jake and Crystal to further the innuendo they may be having an affair.

“I actually moved from Florida to Chicago. Moved there to trade, now I’ve got roots there so,” Jake told Captain Lee at their first dinner on the superyacht. “I have three kids”

“Yes, you have a beautiful wife and three kids,” Jake’s friend added.

“Your love story was pretty fast. I must say,” Crystal said.

“It was,” Jake agreed.

“Within one year, they dated, moved in together, got engaged, and got pregnant. They knew, they both knew,” Crystal told Captain Lee.

Below Deck season 10 fans will have to wait for episode 16 to find out if charter guests Jake and Crystal’s relationship gets cleared up at all or if the two to comment on the show’s portrayal of Crystal as a potential homewrecker and best-friend betrayer.

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