Below Deck: Jake Shaved Off Mustache & Hair, Bald In Drunken Videos

Jake Foulger With Mustache After Shaving His Blonde Hair
Jake Foulger shows off his head shaved, before shaving off his mustache, after Below Deck season 9 (Screengrab, Instagram).

Lead Deckhand Jake shaved off mustache he donned on Below Deck season 9. Jake’s pointy whiskers got him a lot of notice from the ladies, as well as Fraser Olender.

“I think Jake is going to be the village bicycle, everybody is going to get a ride with his handlebar mustache,” Chef Rachel Hargrove said early on after seeing Foulger’s drunken antics kissing Deckhand Rayna Lindsey and Olender.

Jake Drunkenly Dances on Pier With No Mustache

Foulger posted on his Instagram stories him bald but still rocking his mustache.

“Bald head and a tash looking like a crack head,” the caption reads on the post.

Jake wasn’t a fan of keeping the stash with a bald head. The next couple of Instagram stories he’s dancing drunkenly with friends down by a pier, stashless.

Later on, indoors, he’s singing with his mates and you can clearly see the mustache fans have come to know and love is no where to be found.

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Not All Below Deck Fans Like Jake’s Tash

Below Deck fans on Reddit were merciless with their disdain for Jake’s mustache.

“With peace and love… he looks like an extra from American History X in this picture,” wrote Reddit user TootlesFTW.

“I also feel like when you look at him closely head on, he looks like he’s 12 and that mustache is so ridiculously out of place on his face!” wrote another user.

Vinityfair wrote, “It’s like he wore fake facial hair for a costume party once and someone said ‘you look like a blond Jack sparrow’ and he just leaned in.”

Captain Lee doesn’t look to be a fan Jake’s mustache or antics, although on the show he does like the lead deckhand’s hustle.

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