Jake Defends Heather After Racist Slur Scandal On Below Deck Season 9

Jake Foulger Rocking A Villain's Moustache
Below Deck season 9’s Jake Foulger in the galley of the My Seanna (Screenshot, Bravo).

Lead Deckhand Jake Fougler is defending Chief Stew Heather Chase‘s character after her use of the racist N-word slur on Below Deck season 9. Deckhand Rayna Lindsey and fans have been calling for Chase to be fired. Fans also want her edited out of the show upon the bombshell revelations.

Rayna responded in an Instagram Q&A last week that the incident really affects her work and attitude on the show.

The scandal erupted in episode 8 of Below Deck season 9. Chase repeats Deckhand Rayna Lindsey saying “This n****” to Foulger when they are leaving the restroom. Later in the night back at the superyacht My Seanna, Lindsey tells Chase, “You cannot say n****. You white as f***.”

“That’s cancel culture, you better be careful saying the N-word. They’ll cancel you for that,” she adds. This is while Foulger and Chase are drinking beers in the crew mess and deny she said it. “But it’s okay, I still love you,” Lindsey adds.

Jake Believes Heather Is ‘A Great Person’

Jake Fougler held his own Instagram Q&A this week. Fans asked him to tell his thoughts on Chase and the N-word controversy.

“I know a lot of people have a problem with her. But she is actually a great person in real life, and I owe her more than anyone could imagine,” wrote Fougler in his response. It’s unclear why Foulger “owes” Heather, but some fans suspected their flirting led to cheating may have occurred while on Below Deck.

“I do not condone racism and I know it’s not my place to say, but I don’t think it came from a place of hate but what do I know,” he added.

Heather Chase From Below Deck Season 9
Season 9 Chief Stewardess Heather Chase is one of the brightest new stars of the Bravo hit show, however, the latest controversy may have that star burst early (Screenshot, Bravo).

Besides Lindsey and Foulger, the Below Deck season 9 crew members have largely stayed silent regarding the controversy. Captain Lee, hospitalized after spinal surgery, wrote about the incident in his blog. Fans attacked him for not addressing it while live-tweeting during the episode in question. He said if he knew of the situation “swift” action would’ve occurred.

First Officer Eddie Lucas recently said he wanted Heather fired. He also claimed he spoke to Lindsey for 30 minutes when she informed him of the incident. He is also alleging that Below Deck production didn’t want the crew talking about it and the edit for the show made him look bad.

Below Deck's Rayna and Heather Walk Out Of Bathroom
Deckhand Rayna walks out of the bathroom with Chief Stew Heather Chase when Heather says the n-word, starting a major controversy online with Below Deck season 9 fans (Screenshot, Bravo).

Lindsey Is Still Mad, Wants Below Deck Co-Stars Fired

Rayna isn’t forgiving Heather’s apology for saying the N-word. Nor is she impressed with Lucas’ response on the show. She’s now claiming Eddie tried to “assassinate” her character and he also owes the LGBTQ community an apology.

“I sent him a message stating he needs to come forward and tell you guys what he did. Not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes the LGBTQ community an apology too,” Lindsey said in another Instagram Q&A this week.

Lindsey claims Chase said the N-word again at dinner, so not only the one time. She says Chase apologized multiple times but that they all came across as disingenuous.

“[It’s] been too many fake apologies for the TV. She just isn’t genuine. [The] second cameras are off it’s the same sh**,” said Lindsey.

Lindsey wished Chase the best, while also still wanting her fired. She said Below Deck show production also put Chase in “cultural classes” for sensitivity training.

Foulger and Lindsey fooled around at the start of the season and still remain good friends on Instagram. It’s unclear if Fougler defending Chase’s character will upset Lindsey or not.

Meanwhile, Chase posted on Instagram for the first time in two weeks since the N-word controversy broke, promoting the latter part of Below Deck season 9.

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