Too Hot To Handle: Jawahir’s Age, Job, IG, Relationship & More

Too Hot To Handle: Jawahir's Age, Job, IG, Relationship & More

Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Jawahir Khalifa went through an entire novel of twists and turns to find love. The Dutch-born Somali model became a genuine fan favorite after some early flirting, overcoming her self-sabotage, and finally finding love with super self-centered model/actor Nick Kici. Winning $89,000 with her new boyfriend is something to be proud of as well! But what can we learn about the fearlessly sexy 22-year old that wasn’t featured on the show? Let’s dive into her socials and see what we can find out.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Jawahir Khalifa Is A Fearless Aquarius

Too Hot To Handle Star Jawahir Khalifa Modeling A Bathing Suit

Jawahir’s 23rd birthday is approaching because a series of B+W photos from her Instagram confirm she is a powerfully independent Aquarius. She has a talent for languages (speaking 5 in total), posting in Dutch, Spanish, and even Latin. She divides her time between Amsterdam, London, Zanzibar, the Caribbean, and Bali. Too Hot to Handle is not her first time on a reality show, as she was part of Season 12 of Holland’s Next Top Model.  And here’s something unexpected about the Somali beauty: she seems to have a passion for classic video games. Two of her Insta pictures involve classic arcade games, suggesting she has a secret nerdy side. There is also a poetic side to her as she has shared selections from Madison Ryann Ward, Nikita Gill, and Sergio Vega.

Jawahir On Holland's Next To Model

Reality TV star Jawahir on Holland’s Next Top Model (Instagram).

Jawahir Has Music In Her Heart

Jawa definitely dances to the beat of her own drummer. Her YouTube channel, which only has two videos, features an interview in an arcade with Dutch musician Caza. However, it’s in Dutch, so you’ll need captions to interpret. We also learn that she moved to Holland at age 8, has been a model since the age of 16, and claims to be a major foodie and music lover.

While she is very proud of her Somalian heritage, she is not afraid to speak out against the more conservative voices demanding she cover up. In this message, she thanks her fans and asks her haters to be respectful. Very classy! She’s also very friendly with her Too Hot To Handle castmates. Her photos feature comments from Britten Byrd (who appears in a photo with her), Flavia Laos Urbina, Creed McKinnon, Kayla Richart, Nigel Jones, Seb Melrose and, most importantly, boyfriend Nick.

As to the all important question of whether Nick and Jawahir are still together, all signs point to yes. The infamous paint workshop features prominently in her stories, as is a fan worrying if they are still a thing. Even though the finale has aired, it seems that that annoying contract situation is still getting in the way. But, it feels the same way as it did when we were wondering if Netflix’s Love Is Blind season 3 couple Brennon and Alexa Lemieux were confirmed as a couple, and we all know how that turned out. Although a confirmation post is still eagerly awaited, we have a feeling that fans are going to be pleasantly surprised. It looks like the rule breaker and her grounded boyfriend are going to be together for a while.

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