Who Is Charter Guest Gigi Fernandez From Below Deck Season 10

Who Is Charter Guest Gigi Fernandez From Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck season 10 Primary Charter Guest Gigi Fernandez, her partner Jane Geddes and their friends had an amazing time aboard superyacht St. David judging by her Instagram posts. Just before they started their trip, Captain Lee Rosbach handed over command of the boat to Captain Sandy Yawn. Despite the top of command changing, the Below Deck season 10 cast worked to provide the best possible experience for Gigi, Jane, trial attorney Amanda Mason, dental hygienist Tiffany Marie Backe, April, Andrea, Amy and Colette. Here’s everything Below Deck fans need to know about tennis superstar and charter guest Gigi Fernandez, her partner and retired pro golfer Jane Geddes, and their group of girlfriends.

The second episode of Gigi, Jane and the rest of the all-lady charter will air on January 9. Bravo is postponing the release of the rest of Below Deck season 10, for two weeks, until after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Below Deck Season 10 Primary Charter Guest Gigi Fernandez Is A Two-Time Gold Medalist Tennis Superstar

Who Is Retired Pro Tennis Player & Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest Gigi Fernandez

Below Deck season 10 Primary Charter Guest and tennis superstar Gigi Fernandez with some friends and partner Jane Geddes also featured on the show (Instagram).

Gigi Fernandez is a retired Puerto Rican pro tennis player who played for America. She made her name as a doubles player, winning 17 major doubles titles. At one point Gigi ranked as the number one female doubles player. She also was at one point ranked the 17th best pro women player in the world. On Below Deck season 10, Gigi said the greatest highlight of her career was meeting and playing tennis in front of the Queen of England at Royal Albert Hall. Gigi also made over $4.6 million in tournament earnings in her career and net worth is undoubtedly in the millions.

Gigi celebrated her 57th birthday while sailing off the coast of Saint Lucia as the primary charter guest on Below Deck season 10. Chef Rachel Hargrove showed off her culinary prowess by making a Puerto Rican feast with several courses, including plantain with shrimp and salsa verde (tostones with camarones), ropa vieja (shredded beef and vegetables), picadillo, and empanadas. Chef Rachel’s tennis ball cake using texture spray didn’t turn out as she planned because the food coloring wasn’t the right color. It ended up a bright orange orb.

The retired tennis star is now a mom of two kids (a son and daughter) with her partner Jane Geddes, and the reside in Tampa, Florida. Jane said on the show the greatest moment in her life was watching Gigi give birth to their two children. Since retiring, Gigi runs her Gigi Method Camp tennis training business, traveling around the country giving tennis training camps. She even has retired American Tennis champ Andy Roddick helping instruct at one of her camps. Earlier this year, Gigi was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Gigi also appears to be close with Captain Sandy, promoting her first Christmas with Love special.

Who Is Charter Guest & Retired Pro Golfer Jane Geddes

Gigi & Jane With Kids At NFL Game

Gigi and Jane with their kids at an NFL game (Instagram).

Gigi’s lesbian partner Jane Geddes, age 62, is a former professional golf player who won 11 LPGA tour events, and two major championships, including the Women’s US Open. On Below Deck season 10, Jane talked about being glad they didn’t have social media when she was a pro golf player earning boatloads of money and partying up a storm while touring the world. She now works in the real estate business.

Jane & Gigi's Cockapoo Dog Aspen

Jane’s Instagram includes many family pictures and pictures of their Cockapoo dog, Aspen. Jane, Gigi and the kids also love to watch football, and cheer for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Meet Gigi & Jane’s Charter Guest Friends From Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guests Gigi, Jane, Amanda, Amy, Andrea, Colette, Tiffany, and April (Instagram).

Below Deck season 10 charter guests Gigi, Jane, Amanda, Amy, Andrea, Colette, Tiffany, and April at a Gigi Method tennis clinic in Saint Lucia (Instagram).

Gigi and Jane brought six other lucky ladies along with them on their Below Deck season 10 superyacht charter.

Amanda Mason is a beautiful blonde trial attorney (family and civil litigation) from Wilmington, North Carolina.

Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest Amanda Mason's Attorney Bio

Below Deck season 10 charter guest Amanda Mason’s attorney bio (www.masonmasonlaw.com).

Tiffany Marie Backe is a dental hygienist from Scottsdale, Arizona, where she lives with her kids and husband. April also lives in Arizona with her two dogs, kids and husband.

Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest Tiffany Backe

Below Deck season 10 charter guest Tiffany Backe (Instagram).

Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest April With Gigi

Below Deck season 10 charter guest April with Gigi (Instagram).

The other charter guests include Andrea from Massachusetts, as well as Amy and Colette. These ladies all have their Instagram accounts set to private.

The ladies participated in a “Tennis and Tequila” match at the local tennis court in Saint Lucia. Deckhand Ben Willoughby and other cast members got to play some tennis, too.

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