Shark Tank: What Happened To Bunny Eyez After The Show

Shark Tank: What Happened To Bunny Eyez After The Show

Shark Tank season 15 featured female trio entrepreneurs behind innovative reading glasses company Bunny Eyez on episode seven. Sisters Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz had an epiphany to create the company after they became frustrated they couldn’t wear their reading glasses and get their hair colored at the same time. So, what happened to Bunny Eyez after the ladies pitched the sharks while filming Shark Tank in the summer of 2023?

Jenny and Stacy were frustrated they couldn’t read magazines while their hair was getting dyed because it would stain the frames and lenses of their glasses. So they invented a new pair of reading glasses women could wear while cooking dinner, giving a presentation, coloring their hair, and for many other trick situations.

How Bunny Eyez Reading Glasses Featured On Shark Tank Work

The Bunny Eyez reading glasses have patented technology using “proprietary black diamond hinge technology” to allow reader to flip the temples (arms) vertical so one can hold the reading glasses with a hand.

Bunny Eyez TikTok account demonstrates how the ingenous reading glasses work.


And now you can with BunnyEyez! ? #BunnyEyez #wearable #tiltable #flipable

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Bunny Eyez Instagram account also boasts nearly 20,000 followers of fans of the reading glasses company around since at least 2018. The reading glasses have been featured in US Weekly, Today, The Oprah Magazine, Page Six, and many other publications per Bunny Eyez’s website.

Where Can You Buy Bunny Eyez?

Bunny Eyez sells direct-to-consumer (DTC) on its website, offering reading glasses typically for $50 USD. They also sell blue light readers, prescription compatible, and sunglass readers, too, though.

Bunny Eyez are also sold on Amazon, too, for as little as $25.

What Happened To Bunny Eyez After The Shark Tank Pitch

The Bunny Eyez pitch on Shark Tank season 15’s episode seven didn’t impress too many of the sharks, especially because their sales dropped after their first few years starting in 2018. Daymond John ended up offering the ladies the $200,000 USD investment for 20 percent stake in the company and $2 royalty per item sold until he recouped his $200,000, then reducing his stake to 15 percent.

We’ll have to wait and see how much of a boost in sales the ladies see from the Shark Tank Effect (i.e. the promotion Bunny Eyez gets from exposure on TV network). Bunny Eyez founders pitched their product on the same episode as startups Yum Crumbs, The Fidget Game, and Rekkie.


@Shark Tank ARE YOU READY FOR US?!! #bunnyeyez #sharktank

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