Perfect Match’s Calvin: The Circle’s Chef Job, IG, TikTok, Age & More

Perfect Match's Calvin: The Circle's Chef Job, IG, TikTok, Age & More

Perfect Match‘s Calvin Kiing Crooks was here and gone even before viewers could blink. I hope the poor guy at least got a free meal or a complimentary beverage for his time. Brought onto the show as a possible alternative for Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Calvin ended up trying way too hard to shoot his shot. Literally, since this man was talking openly about finding someone to give his seeds to. Cold comfort for Calvin that Anne-Sophie and the guy he was tapped to replace, The Ultimatum‘s Zay Wilson, have departed as well. Calvin’s cautionary tale reveals how cut-throat this competition really is. Too Hot to Handle star Chase DeMoor made an admittedly hilarious dig at Calvin wearing a full suit complete with pink pocket square in the Panama heat. Though he never targeted Calvin directly, Chase’s expert moves on Anne-Sophie established his threat status.

The 32-year old professional private chef and trainer did a bit better on his other show, The Circle Season 3. Despite getting good ratings he was targeted once again by more ruthless players. However, Calvin remained positive even after being ganged up on. In an interview he reveals that he remains on good terms with his former castmates.  If this is any indication then I doubt he will dwell on his short time on Perfect Match for too long. Sounds like a wise decision.

Perfect Match‘s Calvin: Sports Career, Vegetarian Lifestyle, Dual Nationality

Calvin rocking designer clothes

Calvin rocking designer clothes (Instagram).

Calvin’s an international man of mystery. He was a former pro footballer (or soccer player if you’re American) through the mid 2010’s for a few teams operating out of Iceland. He also resides in Manchester, England, and has Jamaican and Cuban heritage. Calvin is a vegetarian and specializes in veggie cuisine.

Perfect Match‘s Calvin: Birthday, IG, TikTok, YouTube, Cameo

With a birthday of April 17th, it’s no surprise that Calvin is one headstrong Aries. Calvin’s Instagram is notable for how sporadically he posts, with just 100 that we can see. With 70.9K followers, that’s a pretty good post/follower ratio. You can book a Cameo from Calvin for $47, or become one of the 15,000 people following him on TikTok. Finally, Calvin’s YouTube exists, but with only 99 subscribers and mostly old vids of him playing football, you can safely miss it.

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