Below Deck Season 10 Trailer For 2nd Half: All Drama Explained

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer For 2nd Half: All Drama Explained

Bravo released a sneak peak of the 2nd half of Below Deck season 10 and it promises some of the best drama yet for the reality TV yachtie franchise. The Below Deck season 10 trailer for the latter part of the season shows demanding charter guests, Deckhand Ben Willoughby making out with new stew Leigh-Ann Smith, fired deckhand-stew Camille Lamb returning on a night out, Chef Rachel Hargrove struggling to get out food on time, Captain Lee Rosbach’s return after health issues, and much more! Here’s the Below Deck season 10 trailer for the second half of the season explained.

Fraser Olender Fights With Captain Sandy On Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Sneak Peak End Of Season

Chief Steward Fraser Olender and Captain Sandy Yawn clash on superyacht St. David. In the latter part of Below Deck season 10, Captain Sandy tells Fraser the “fish rots from head down” and that he’s caused a “cancer” on the boat. Fraser even talks back at one point. It looks like firing Camille didn’t solve all the problems in interior. Apparently Second Stew Alissa Humber continues to cause problems, including drinking too much. She also continues to hit on Ross, which upsets deckhand Katie Glaser. Below Deck fans are speculating she may get fired later in the season. She also trashes Chef Rachel for taking 45 minutes to make charcuterie board.

Meanwhile Ross demand an apology from Katie for causing “so much drama” after she apparently gets jealous.

After finishing serving charter guests Adam Sax and his pregnant wife, Captain Sandy lets the crew take a day off to travel to see the stunning pitons in Saint Lucia.

Some of the new charter guests in the latter part of Below Deck season 10 appear very demanding. Professional motocross racer  Keith Victor Hoogstad and his pro weightlifting wife Jolynn Hoogstad stay on the superyacht, too.

Captain Lee Returns To Finish Below Deck Season 10 Charter Season

At least the tip money at the end of the season appears to be really good, with a healthier Captain Lee Rosbach returning to the helm to finish out season 10. He comments on how “fat” the tip money envelope is after on of the last charters. Although Captain Sandy butts heads with Fraser, Captain Lee has got his back. The Stud of the Sea recently said on Watch What Happens Live that Fraser is the best chief stew he’s had since Kate Chastain.

Despite his return on Below Deck season 10, it’s unclear if Captain Lee returns on Below Deck season 11.

Ben Kisses New Stew Leigh-Ann In Below Deck Season 10 Trailer, Camille Returns On Show

Ben kisses new stew Leigh-Ann on Below Deck season 10 trailer

Ben kisses new stew Leigh-Ann on Below Deck season 10 trailer (Bravo).

Although Ben looked very sad to see his boatmance crush Camille leave early after getting fired, he apparently didn’t remember her for too long. The Aussie can be seen making out with South African new stew Leigh-Ann in the new Below Deck season 10 sneak peek. However, Camille returns on a crew night out to reclaim her flame. Ben recently came out defending Camille and called out Alissa for gaslighting and bullying. So, in light of him kissing the new stew, are Camille and Ben still together now?

Ben apparently knows the new stew from before the show and the preview suggests they hook up.

Below Deck‘s subreddit was abuzz with the news of the new Below Deck season 10 trailer.

“Best Below Deck trailer I’ve seen in a long time!” said one elated fan.

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