Too Hot To Handle’s Alex: Age, Job, IG, Relationship, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Alex: Age, Job, IG, Relationship, More

Too Hot To Handle season 5‘s Alex Snell answers the question of whether people from the UK can be just as big of pompous d-bags as people domestically. The answer is a resounding yes. Even if you think Megan Thomson was overreacting after Alex chose Elys Hutchinson, his apology was worse than awkward. Alex was chosen by Elys to save her from a disastrous date with Hunter LoNigro, but Megan appeared blindsided. Alex’s cringey attempts to impress Elys didn’t win him over with fans. For a guy who styles himself as a refined English gentleman, Alex came off as a little desperate. It’s interesting when various hotties get thrown together in a controlled environment, not everyone can be alpha. Still, Alex has a chance at connecting with Elys, even if it’s unlikely that they’re serious. He can always fall back on his great hair, though. Let’s find out more about Too Hot To Handle’s Alex. 

Too Hot To Handle‘s Alex: Football, IG, Personal Trainer Job, TikTok

Bodybuilder and THTH season 5 star Alex cleans up nicely

Bodybuilder and THTH season 5 star Alex cleans up nicely (Instagram).

It’s interesting that Louis Russell gets all the attention for being a footballer (soccer player), because Alex used to play as well. However, he only played at the varsity level for his alma mater, Bournemouth University. Fitness is Alex’s main grind, as he offers at-home workout programs under the Alex Snell Fitness brand.

As you can tell from his shirtless moments, Brit Alex loves the gym himself and Alex’s Instagram is covered in workout pics. Alex boasts over 54,000 followers, including Louis, as they are always giving each other props in the comments. And despite his rivalry with Hunter over Elys’ affections, Hunter’s positive comments show they appear to have squashed their beef. However, none of the women except for Courtney Randolph appear to have anything to say to Alex. That doesn’t bode well but we’ll have to watch to confirm. Alex’s TikTok is rather underdeveloped with under 13,000 followers.

Alex fits in the middle of the pack when it comes to Instagram follower count rankings of the THTH season 5 cast.


Push the envelope! #training #mindset #bodybuilding

? You Know How We Do It – Ice Cube

Too Hot To Handle’s Alex: Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Travel, LinkedIn

Much of Alex's social media is showing off his toned physique shirtless

Much of Alex’s social media is showing off his toned physique shirtless (Instagram).

The self-proclaimed modern Greek god came into this world on March 4, which should make him an intuitive Pisces. Nobody said zodiacs were perfect predictors of everything, but we do know he is on the older end of the cast at age 28. He is into natural medicine and cures, with some posts promoting pulling oil (swishing some around in your mouth to remove toxins). He also strongly advises against using shampoo and using natural oils and water to get hair like his. Sea water is also excellent for your hair according to Alex, which is why he can usually be found on beaches. He’s visited Croatia, Mexico and Spain, taking in the sand, sun and surf in all three countries.

Not only is Alex a fitness coach, he also coaches football according to his LinkedIn. And, he’s a “Digital Content Specialist” for Serenity Digital Marketing as well, showing his online savvy. However, one thing Alex might have to account for is a September 2022 IG post where he praises controversial psychologist Jordan B. Peterson. Looks like Alex might have to train a bit harder not to make women run in the other direction.

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