Love Is Blind: What Happened To Chelsea And Kwame Post Show

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Chelsea And Kwame Post Show

The attacks on Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Appiah from Love Is Blind Season 4 viewers keep on coming. Even so, they are very much still together and by outside appearances are very much still in love according to them. While Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown are all about that easy love, Chelsea and Kwame appeared to have persevered through countless obstacles. They handled Kwame’s family being hesitant about the reality TV show marriage process. They managed uncomfortable left-over attraction between Kwame and Micah Lussier. Attacks on Kwame’s messy lifestyle, the truth of his soccer career, and his feeling uncomfortable about moving couldn’t deter them. It just seems like Chelsea and Kwame are two very driven and tenacious people who are not going to let online commenters get to them. Like them or not, here’s what happened to Chelsea and Kwame after Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Chelsea and Kwame Post-Show: Thriving Outside The Pods

Chelsea and Kwame at a Seattle Kraken hockey game

Chelsea and Kwame at a Seattle Kraken hockey game (Instagram).

One of Chelsea and Kwame’s biggest bonding points is their love of sports. Although 33-year-old Kwame is a soccer man, he and Chelsea, 32, were very much into the Seattle Kraken NHL playoff run. Kwame throwing himself into the Seattle sports scene is extra relevant as he finally got over his reluctance to move to Seattle. This makes sense because Kwame’s business developer job can be done remotely, while Chelsea’s speech language pathologist job couldn’t. It seems that Kwame is leaning towards Seattle teams as a compromise with his new wife.

Chelsea and Kwame show off their wedding rings

Chelsea and Kwame show off their wedding rings (Instagram).

They’ve also travelled to see a Lakers game, which is more neutral sports territory. Kwame and Chelsea have been spending their first year of marriage making happy memories. They’ve gotten new rings, which they show off in a video.

They also love singing karaoke together while on drives.

Additionally, per Kwame’s IG, the couple spent their one year anniversary at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Certainly, this befits Chelsea and her princessy pink obsession. The couple have also taken some time to bask in the sun at Laguna Beach. You can see Chelsea and Kwame luxuriating on a patio overlooking the ocean in the video where they show off their rings. Chelsea’s IG shows that she has become a bit of an influencer since her time on the show. She is repping ShopMoss handmade jewelry and has her very own Chelsea Rose jacket from puffy coat makers Coat De Fleur. You might remember her funny conversation with Kwame about lube and his special drawer when visiting his place. Bellesa Boutique remembered to and Chelsea fans received a free toy or a gift card from them in a giveaway.

What Happened To Chelsea and Kwame Post-Show: Maintaining Cast Friendships

Love is Blind season 4 couple Chelsea and Kwame at a Seattle soccer game

Love is Blind season 4 couple Chelsea and Kwame at a Seattle soccer game (Instagram).

Kwame continues to be a social butterfly with his Love Is Blind alums. He’s part of a group with Marshall Glaze and Brett as they busted moves at the Seahawks draft recently. Luckily, Micah is staying far, far away from them and that is for the best for all concerned. Kwame brought his same energy to a recent Mariners game. He appeared alongside Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski, Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown. Kwame has also jumped into a freezing lake with Zack, which sounds like it would be the thing both of them would do. But don’t count Chelsea out, as she and Kwame invited Zack and Bliss to Kwame’s most recent birthday.

Seattle Seahawks fans Kwame and Chelsea talking football

Seattle Seahawks fans Kwame and Chelsea talking football (Instagram).

Kwame has also maintained his relationships with professional soccer. He recently trained with Seattle soccer club Ballard FC in preparation for the upcoming season. And, Chelsea has reported that she has a new friendship — with Kwame’s elusive mom. According to US magazine, the new couple’s first Thanksgiving with Kwame’s family went wonderfully. We already know that Kwame’s brother Jerry and sister Barbara were very welcoming and accepting of Chelsea. Honestly, it seems like their relationship was edited to look rockier than it was and even Reddit commenters are starting to come around to this view.

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Chelsea and Kwame Post-Show: Kwame Blasts Micah

Kwame and Chelsea at Disneyland

Kwame and Chelsea visiting Disneyland (Instagram).

Just over a week ago, Kwame told all about Micah on a Twitter Space presentation. Micah comes off looking pretty bad and if this doesn’t kill the rumors of lingering feelings between the two, nothing will. Kwame alleged that Micah was up front with the women about not wanting to marry Paul Peden. He says, “Pod Micah is not Outside Micah…I thought Paul was going with Amber, I thought they were thriving.” A lot of the men, including Kwame and apparently Brett and Zack as well, then found out from their fiancées. So, is there a ton of footage that we’ll never see exploring this? Did any of the guys try to warn Paul?

Remember that it was Brett and Tiffany who communicated to let Marshall know about how his ex-fiancé Jackelina Bonds skipped the dress fitting. Brett and Paul may not have been that close on the show, but Zack was and he even defended Paul during the trainwreck reunion. Either Paul knew and was going along with it for the show, or he didn’t, which seems somehow worse. This definitely puts a new spin on season 4. It recalls what we were hearing about how producers pressure the cast to stay in relationships even when they don’t want to. Kwame also said that people noticed Micah changing her story about who she was, and observed her behaving differently in different situations.

We don’t have to relitigate Micah’s issues with her friends. It seems that her relationships with friends seem more than a little bit shallow. Kwame also accused Micah of trying to play for sympathy at the reunion. The quote was, “I don’t think she was held accountable for her actions. Micah was trying to make Paul a bad guy to come out looking like a bad guy.” Thinking back to how flustered Paul was, he has a really hard time standing up for himself. It also casts Paul’s decision to say no at the altar in a different light. Same goes for his comment that Micah didn’t seem like a nurturing mother. It even puts a new spin on Irina Solomonova going for Paul, since she would have known about Micah’s lack of feelings for Paul.

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