The Ultimatum: Why Fans Believe April Marie Faked Her Pregnancy Scare

The Ultimatum's April Claims A Pregnancy Scare That Fans Think Was Fake
The Ultimatum star April tells Jake she isn’t pregnant. Fans believe April faked a pregnancy scare to get back Jake from Rae (Netflix, Screengrab).

Reality TV star April Marie Melohn’s pregnancy scare on The Ultimatum to boyfriend Jake Cunningham has fans screaming “faked”. Viewers of Netflix’s Love Is Blind spinoff show recall April giving Jake an ultimatum that he agree to marry her and have kids or that she’d have to move on.

However, as The Ultimatum experiment progressed Jake began hitting it off in his three-week “practice marriage” with Rae Williams. The two kissed a few times and “ticked off all the boxes” of things they had in common. Even Rae’s dad, who never approved of her boyfriend Zay Wilson, liked Jake.

April clearly felt blindsided by the the connection Jake was having with Rae. On camera she admitted she didn’t want to lose him. And to make matters worse, when they reunited they had a massive blow up. Jake found out April had been flirting with a guy at a club and exchanged contacts. April went through Jake’s phone and found videos of him filming Rae’s dancing booty.

Fans Point Out Why April Would Make Up Being Pregnant to Get Jake Back

April tells Rae and Madlyn Ballatori that she missed her period and has to get an ultrasound in episode 7. She makes sure to let them know as soon as she enter the bachelorette party for Alexis Maloney.

She then further explains on camera her alleged pregnancy scare.

“As of today, I’m 12 days late on my cycle. We’ve been back together for almost two weeks. Jake and I have had sex without protection. Could I be pregnant? Yes,” said April.

Reddit user DrWhoPharmD made a post questioning April’s pregnancy scare timeline. The main flaw pointed out in the post is April’s timeline doesn’t make sense. The show said it was 10 days from ultimatum day. April said she was late by 12 days, so that would mean she still would’ve been coupled with Colby Kissinger. (Maybe that was why Madlyn was so hostile to April.) As far as viewers know now, Colby and April only kissed. The fan conceded April has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), but regardless she was still confident about her start date.

“I just got the vibe that that whole situation came off as manipulative,” wrote the fan. “I really actually like April and I feel like it was just out of desperation to keep him close and to let Rae know that their having unprotected sex still. Then the next thing you see is her on the bus going to a winery.”

Later on, April basically admits to Jake that she went into The Ultimatum too confident and didn’t expect what happened.

“I gave this ultimatum so confidently that Jake would see everything that April brings, and would be in love with me and want to commit to me at the end of this.”

Some Fans Of The Ultimatum Defend April

Not all fans thought April faked her pregnancy scare.

A couple of viewers pointed out that the winery scene could’ve happened before the bachelorette party. Reality TV show producers sometimes change the order of events depending on how they want to portray the story.

Another fan said they are young and got caught up with the possibility of her being pregnant.

“I think it could be part power play, but April and Jake are young and have been trying for a baby. I think they just let themselves get caught up in the possibility of it. She said he was the one who pushed her to test and he seemed genuinely excited when he thought she might be, so I could definitely see the excitement totally overshadowing the logic and timeline,” wrote Reddit user caylier.

Another defender of April said they thought she was referring to before they started the experiment. The fan pointed out that April was sick while with Colby and had doctor appointments.

In the reunion episode April set the record straight. Apparently she was late while staying with Colby. So when she returned to Jake she believed her body was pregnant but it was due to the stress of being on the show and possibly losing Jake.

Although April had some defenders, most fans were detractors. Most fans were of the opinion she made up the pregnancy scare to put a wedge between Jake and Rae. If that was April’s plan it seems to have worked. When Jake met up with Rae again he told her he needed to work on his relationship with April.

More on this may be revealed when Netflix release The Ultimatum‘s finale and reunion episodes on Wednesday, April 13. Meanwhile, fans can follow The Ultimatum cast’s Instagram accounts here.

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