Rae Williams’ Dad From The Ultimatum: Who Is The Pro Race Car Driver Craig

Rae Williams’ dad in The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On is no-nonsense when assessing possible suitors for his daughter. The professional race car driver had no time for an of Rae’s previous boyfriends. While on the hit Netflix show, Rae’s dad Craig Williams dissed current boyfriend and club promoter Zay Wilson, and his baggy pants. However, he approved of Jake Cunningham because he knows how to drive stick and had a good head on his shoulders.

Fans found Rae’s father’s protectiveness endearing, and now they want to know who the professional race car driver is.

Rae’s Dad is Professional Race Car Driver Craig Williams

Rae’s dad Craig Williams is a professional race car driver, driving instructor and stunt driver. Before becoming a professional driver, Joe served in the US Army.

Although he goes by Craig Williams on the Netflix show, he uses another first names on his LinkedIn page. He raced cars for the past 38 years in Japan, Canada and America. He also works as a driving instructor at Driveway Austin Track. There he teaches race car driver students “road racing, hot laps, skid car, tactical driving, manual shift class, teen driving class, off road driving, police pursuit, pre-permit driving and more”.

Check out his skills in the below video.

Rae’s dad Craig Williams’ Facebook also reveals he likes to fish and drive Kawasaki motorcycles. He’s also into snowboarding.

Rae revealed on Friday that her dad hasn’t watched the Netflix series yet but that she was anxious because he would be watching it this weekend.

Whether or not Rae ditches Zay for the first guy her dad has approved of still needs to be revealed. (Spoiler) In the preview for the finale, coming out on April 13 on Netflix, Rae crashes Jake and April’s final meeting to try to win Jake over. At the end of episode 8 it Rae let Jake know she had broken up with Zay. However, Jake said he was still going to mend his relationship with April, even after she was a self-described “pyscho bitch” for looking through his phone and for exchanging contacts with another guy at a club.

The Ultimatum fans will have to tune in to Netflix next Wednesday to find out how the drama unfolds.

Fans can also follow The Ultimatum cast’s Instagram accounts here.

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