Below Deck: Ben Blames Bad Edit For Villain Portrayal

Below Deck: Ben Blames Bad Edit For Villain Portrayal

The “stew slayer” Ben Willoughby is having buyer’s remorse not only about getting locked down with Sunny Marquis in a boatmance after Paris Field arrived on superyacht St. David. The Australian reality TV yachty isn’t liking the edit he’s getting on Below Deck season 11. Besides him getting inappropriately handsy with Paris, inserting himself in Chief Steward Fraser Olender‘s interior drama, sabotaging his former boss Jared Woodin‘s job, and sleeping with an insubordinate, even more trouble lies ahead for Ben. Captain Kerry Titheradge chews him out later in the season. Now, Ben blames a bad edit for a villain portrayal that makes him look way worse than he was in reality.

“I once used to love Below Deck,” Ben said in response to an Instagram Q&A question if he was doing another season.

“There’s too much that isn’t seen. I’m at a crossroads as the [sic] whether the truth needs to be told or I don’t let this consume me anymore,” Ben wrote in another response for why he isn’t a fan of the show anymore. It’s quite the sharp turn from the first several weeks season 11 aired. Ben was excited about being on another season. He also did lots of promotion and interviews about the show. Ben also seemed very excited to guest star on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where he also got to meet Jenna McCarthy-Wahlberg.

However, it looks like Ben soured in the past couple weeks when he started trashing Captain Kerry online. Episode 10 showed him constantly physically touching Paris and ignoring Sunny on the crew day off. Now Ben is contemplating going scorched earth with Bravo and show production.

Ben didn't see a problem with having an intimate relationship with one of his subordinates on the show

Ben didn’t see a problem with having an intimate relationship with one of his subordinates on the show (Instagram).

Ben Opens Up About How He Thinks His Edit On The Show Falsely Portrayed Him As A Villain

Bosun Ben Willoughby claiming production had sympathy for what he had to deal with on season 11

Bosun Ben Willoughby claiming production had sympathy for what he had to deal with on season 11 (Instagram).

“Not really, I can’t control the edit. I know what I stood for in these episodes to come. The entire production team know the crap I had to deal with this season,” Ben wrote in another IG story.

“Never been sacked. As I mentioned previously, I had my reasons for what I stood for. It’s a shame none of it will be aired,” Ben added in another post.

Apparently Ben does something to really upset and disappoint Captain Kerry. Knowing Ben, who has always been very competent in his job, it’s likely due to his extracurricular activities and propensity to chase after more than one woman at a time.

“[Bleeping] blatant disrespect. You’re the [bleeping] bosun, mate!” Captain Kerry reprimanded Ben in previews for a mysterious reason coming up in a later episode.

Episode 13’s description hints at where Ben gets into trouble with the captain. “Ben attempts to reignite a spark with a past lover. Sunny deals with the fallout from mixing work and play,” reads the blurb for Happy Captain Happy Life.

Furthermore, Sunny in previews for an upcoming episode tells Ben he can’t sleep with two girls on the boat. Second Stew Xandi Olivier also gets hysterical for some reason, which suggests her and Ben’s flirtations may cross a line.

“Do you think sleeping with your subordinate has a negative effect on your portrayal?” one fan asked Ben.

“I wouldn’t say so, that just yachting. More so being pulled in all directions to run a smooth department. Too much audio gets cut out so the context isn’t there. Each season has a villain and you don’t get a say in that,” Ben explained, shrugging off his boatmance being a problem.

Fans Bash Ben Complaining About A Bad Edit On Below Deck Season 11

“Why didn’t Chef Rachel come back for this season?” another fan questioned Ben.

“I don’t know the full extent, although it’s somewhat due to the reasons I’m experiencing as of now. I can understand her and Eddie’s frustrations.”

Chef Rachel Hargrove torched her relationship with Bravo and show production after her bad edit on Below Deck season 10. Rachel quit on social media while calling out the show as fake between seasons.

“Some for worse than they are, some for better than they are,” Ben said about how cast get portrayed on the show from what they’re true charters are.

“Here’s the translation: I once loved BD, when they edited me to make me look good. But I won’t say I hate it until it’s confirmed 100% that I’ll never be asked back,” a the top comment on Reddit read about Ben’s Q&A.

Ben’s Q&A on insta
byu/teanailpolish inbelowdeck

“His ‘why does this always happen to me comment’ last night was disgusting. Maybe quit screwing coworkers and flirting with new coworkers,” another viewer wrote.

Despite Ben not being happy with his edit, he would definitely work for Captain Sandy Yawn again, or Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Captain Glenn Shephard.

“Would you be on Below Deck Sailing or MED, with a new captain, new crew, fresh start?” a fan asked.

“In a heartbeat,” Ben responded.

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