Below Deck S11: Ben Is Dissing Captain Kerry After Possible Firing

Below Deck S11: Ben Is Dissing Captain Kerry After Possible Firing

Drama on superyacht St. David still haven’t hit the fever pitch on Below Deck season 11, yet, if previews for the last nine episodes indicate anything. Promoted Bosun Ben Willoughby is dissing Captain Kerry Titheradge now that clips of him being reprimanded for disrespecting his boss’s authority aired.

“[Bleeping] blatant disrespect. You’re the [bleeping] bosun, mate,” Captain Kerry booms at Ben in the latest preivew.

Now, Ben is responding on Instagram to comments Captain Kerry recently made to Entertainment Weekly about his second bosun possibly getting fired before the end of the charter season.

“I used to live by a mantra that you can teach a job, but not a personality. And I think if you can treat someone differently, maybe they might not be the ideal personality for the job. But at the time, I needed the right skillset for the job, and that’s what [Ben] had,” Captain Kerry said in the interview.

“[Acting professionally with the other crew] was part of the conversation I had with him about having to act different amongst the other crew. I wasn’t officially aware,” Captain Kerry said about Ben’s boatmance with subordinate deckhand Sunny Marquis. “I was aware of his history in his position, I give everyone a fresh start. Hopefully people react differently to different styles of leadership. And I was hoping that he would react to a different style of leadership later in the season more than once,” the Australian captain explained. Captain Kerry knew about Ben’s past on Below Deck season 10, where he ended up in a love triangle with Camille Lamb and Leigh-Ann Smith.

“He came quite close to things not being very good for him. And he may not make the whole season.”

Captain Kerry reprimanding Ben on the show

Captain Kerry reprimanding Ben on the show (Bravo).

Ben Is Dissing Captain Kerry After Possible Below Deck Season 11 Firing Surfaces

Ben's Instagram attacking Captain Kerry for statements he made about Ben's performance as bosun on Below Deck season 11

Ben’s Instagram attacking Captain Kerry for statements he made about Ben’s performance as bosun on Below Deck season 11 (Instagram).

In a heated Instagram post, Ben bashed Captain Kerry for hurting his reputation.

“It is very unfortunate that Captain Kerry decided to speak out regarding my role as Bosun on this current season of Below Deck and eluding [sic] that I ‘may not make the whole season’ but everyone will see as the episodes come out,” Ben wrote in a statement.

“With all due respect to Captain Kerry, I’m disappointed that he appears to be insinuating a false claim on my work ethic and career, which could gravely damage my reputation and character in an industry that I have worked hard in and grown in for five plus years now.”

Ben, in the middle of March, also questioned his boss’s judgement in an US Weekly interview. “You’ve got two deck members [on the boat] while Sunny is on the tender. You wouldn’t do that. I don’t even know if it’s legal, to be honest.” Ben also thought it was wrong for Captain Kerry to put fired Jared Woodin in the bosun position over Ben.

Although it’s unlikely Ben gets fired on Below Deck season 11, it definitely looks like things soured between him and Captain Kerry. His player ways likely get him in trouble. He chases after new stewardess Paris Field. And he likely strikes up a romance with stewardess Xandi Olivier, too.

Below Deck fans bashed Ben on Reddit and his Instagram post for talking trash about Captain Kerry.

“I don’t think he needs to worry about Captain Kerry damaging his career. He just did that himself with this post. He’s done!” said one user on Reddit.

Sunny And Captain Sandy Defend Ben

“Also, maybe he can stop [bleeping] his subordinate. Being a good bosun isn’t just knowing how to work, but knowing how to lead,” another chimed in.

“Ben is determined to ruin his professional relationships with his alligator mouth,” another fan added.

Captain Kerry even shaded Ben in a Reddit post. In response to a fan saying Ben is the pot calling the kettle black, the cheeky captain posted a gif of a kettle boiling.

Captain Kerry's response to Ben's statement on IG

Captain Kerry’s response to Ben’s statement on IG (Reddit).

Meanwhile, Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Captain Sandy Yawn rushed to Ben’s defense. “You are an absolute legend. Hang in there [sunglasses smiley face emoji],” she wrote on Ben’s post shading Captain Kerry.

“You’re an amazing bosun and friend. People who don’t know you can say what they want but will never know the true you and he’s awesome,” Sunny added on his post.

Sunny also attacked people who left negative comments on Ben’s statement. She eventually deleted some of those nasty responses which included swearing.

“Also, gossiping, you’re watching a reality TV show, what else do you expect?” Sunny said to one fan criticizing Ben’s behavior on the show.

“He really is the best teacher. So passionate of seeing others succeed. It’s a shame the show isn’t showing this side of him,” Sunny also added in another comment.

Fans previously dragged Ben for talking trash about Jared while on Watch What Happens Live. Many fans find Ben to be arrogant, as well as unprofessional in dating other crew members.

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