Too Hot To Handle’s Linzy: Age, Jobs, IG, Tattoos, Ethnicity, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Linzy: Age, Jobs, IG, Tattoos, Ethnicity, More

It takes a special woman to make a by-the-book cop go rogue. Too Hot To Handle‘s Linzy Luu from season 5 started down the dangerous path of wanting to claim Louis Russell for her own. She came very close, close enough for a sorely tempted Louis to grab her boobs. Sensing her man was in danger and suffering from her own trust issues, Christine Obanor called for backup. Off the bench came up-to-that-point boring and ineffectual Detective Dre Woodard, who understood the assignment. Remember: If Dre doesn’t partner up with someone, he can forget about that sweet sweet prize money.

It was genuinely impressive watching Dre connecting with Linzy on an intellectual and emotional level. Linzy admitted Dre was not her type physically but she was open to pursuing things. To show his devotion, Dre went in for a rule-break kiss fully knowing there would be a penalty. Ladies, find a man who cares about you more than Dre cares about money. But all this is taking the focus off Linzy herself, so let’s fix that.

Too Hot To Handle‘sLinzy: Ethnicity, Age, Sushi Chef and DJ Jobs, Zodiac, Birthday, Tattoos

Linzy Luu showing off some of her various tattoos seen on the show

Linzy Luu showing off some of her various tattoos seen on the show (Instagram).

Twenty-four-year-old Linzy has fully embraced her Hawaii home, but she was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Logically, that makes Linzy’s ethnicity most likely Vietnamese. A woman of many talents, Linzy used to do hair, but now handcrafts mouthwatering sushi and spins as DJ BabyLinz. Her birthday was very recent, on June 25, and she, like Dre, is a deceptively centered Cancer. Her body is covered with tattoos, so let’s cover them. On her right bicep is a palm tree, and on her left bicep are two butterflies and a fairy with butterfly wings. Above that on her left shoulder is a spider dangling from a web, and on her left hand is a coiled snake. But, she’s a mama’s girl after all so on her left wrist is a reminder to call mom. Then she has a bouquet of flowers on the inside of her left wrist.

On the upper right part of her chest is a latitude and longitude coordinate. It’s hard to make out the numbers, but it appears to be her birthplace in Vietnam. The number 222 is on the inside of her left arm. This is likely an angel number that stands for harmony and co-operation with others. There is another heart with “Mom” in the center inside her left elbow. On the inside of the opposing elbow are the words “There Was Never Enough Time.”  In between her breasts, there is a design with a spiral and a flower whose meaning is not clear. There is a small tattoo of a heart on her chest at the left side, and, finally, there is another star-like design on her right shoulder.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Linzy: IG, Tiktok, Video Appearances, Possible Relationship Status

Linzy Luu modeling for the camera

Linzy Luu modeling for the camera (Instagram).

Linzy’s IG befits her complicated personality as she seems to love glamor shots in unique places. Her 66,000 followers can see her looking hot in a convenience store, at a casino, on a goat farm, or wearing a Cat Woman costume. She fits in the middle of the pack of THTH season 5 cast members for Instagram follower count.

Linzy’s sense of fashion is also very diverse, with everything from cowboy hats and chaps to see-through tops. Linzy does appear to have a thing for tight black clothing which is probably why she went for bad boy Louis over Dre. Linzy’s TikTok has a respectable 67,000 followers. She reveals that she is a proud foodie and aspires to be on The Bachelor. She was also in the video for “Chrome Hearted“, a track by rapper OhGeesy featuring Tyga.


the way that la men give me the ick soooo quickly ? #fyp?

? original sound – Kim Kardashian

Both Dre and Louis’s complimentary comments can be found on her recent IG posts promoting the show. So, we can’t be sure if she ended up with either one of these eligible bachelors, or is into someone else. If she wants to achieve her dream of being a contestant on The Bachelor she’ll try her best to remain single instead of getting involved with one of these less eligible guys.

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