Below Deck S11: Sunny Is Apologizing To Chef Nick After Calling Him Old

Below Deck S11: Sunny Is Apologizing To Chef Nick After Calling Him Old

French-Canadian yachtie Sunny Marquis took some heat for commenting on Chef Nick Tatlock‘s age when he joined the Below Deck season 11 crew on superyacht St. David in stunning Grenada on episode 13. After spending some downtime bored and reading social media, she somehow found the comments criticizing her tone talking about Chef Nick’s age worse than all the comments about her being disrespected by her boatmance crush Ben Willoughby. Sunny is apologizing to Chef Nick for saying he’s 40.

At the time Chef Nick joined the crew, after Captain Kerry Titheradge fired Chef Anthony Iracane, Sunny and others were surprised he was older than the typical age bracket for yachties. Older viewers of the show weren’t impressed with Sunny’s tone and comment about Nick being 40 years old.

“Yo [bleep] Sunny calling the new chef old! 40 years old at your job is not old! He’s not a deckhand he’s a chef!” said one irate fan on X/Twitter.

“Hi, I’m bored and reading through comments on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and others. Apparently I offended some people so much that they say I’m immature and need some life perspective. My siblings are all in their mid thirties, forties. So what I meant to say is that the chef was older, and most people are in their twenties or early thirties,” Sunny said in an Instagram story while likely in a hotel room.

Uber fans of the show have been taking video of Below Deck season 12’s crew filming on St. David in St. Maarten over the last week and suspect Sunny is back on the deck team.

Sunny Is Apologizing To Chef Nick On Instagram After Calling Him Old On Below Deck Season 11

Sunny on an Instagram story talking about why she said her first impression of Chef Nick was that he's old

Sunny on an Instagram story talking about why she said her first impression of Chef Nick was that he’s old (Instagram).

“Like it’s really rare that you see people in their forties. Even Nick would agree, I think, hopefully. So I just wanted to apologize to Nick, and to all the people that I offended. You’re not old, you’re just middle-aged [laughs], I’m kidding. Yeah, I can’t wait to be forty. Apparently it’s a golden age,” Sunny added in her apology to Nick and clarification of what she meant.

“Parenthesis, I think that people who are over 40 are like the captains, mostly, and the engineers, chief engineers. Yeah, that’s it. Cheers! Close parenthesis.”

Meanwhile, Sunny’s been taking a lot more heat for her relationship with Ben. After episode 13 aired, fans couldn’t believe she posted photos of her and Ben together during the latest charter. After Ben dumped Sunny he went and tried to get back together with season 10 love-interest Camille Lamb. Sunny was upset and cried to stews Barbie Pascual and Paris Field.

Despite Ben’s typically bad behavior towards Sunny, after she’d already called him out for getting handsy with Paris, she’s now defending him online.

“You are on good terms because YOU are a good person. Sorry, he is not. He did not treat you well even if you’re relationship was just casual,” one fan said on Instagram.

Ben and Sunny appear to be dating now or at least good friends. Fans can’t believe Sunny is still giving Ben the time of day. They believe he repeatedly disrespected her while filming Below Deck season 11. Fans think Sunny, age 25, is unwise, young, and foolish for dating a guy who clearly wasn’t that into her. (On the show, Ben said he didn’t feel any real spark with Sunny compared to his ex Camille.)

On the other hand, Paris and Barbie have no problem making fun of Ben for his playboy antics. Captain Kerry also doesn’t appear to be impressed with Ben as he’s likely out for season 12.

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