Alone: What Happened To Roland Welker, Season 7 Winner?

Alone: What Happened To Roland Welker, Season 7 Winner?

After a successful season 6 at frigid Great Slave Lake in Canada’s North, Alone producers went back to the well. With another complement of hardcore survivalists on board, Alone season 7 was arguably even better than season 6. There were two big changes that raised the stakes this time around. First, outlasting the other competitors wouldn’t be enough to win — the champion would have to survive 100 days. If they could, they would take home a cool $1 million USD. The man who called himself the 100 Day King after it was all over was miner and frontiersman Roland Welker. But what happened to Roland Welker after this incredible feat and taking home the a cool million?

Also known as the Big Bull of the North Woods and The Last Bushman, Roland’s gruff exterior gave way for a few tender glimpses. We saw him recall a hymn his departed mother sang to him in quiet moments, and remembering being out in the wilderness with his dad. Like Jordan Jonas before him, Roland was absolutely perfectly prepared to win his season.

What Happened To Roland Welker After Alone Season 7? Frontiersman Jobs, IG, Sponsorships, Website

Roland Welker taking a photo with a cougar he hunted

Roland Welker taking a photo with a cougar he hunted (Instagram).

Roland is as much of a rugged outdoorsman off the show as on it. He’s a trapper, a logger, a big game hunter, and can tan a hide with the best of them. The man’s IG is scary real for an audience of 31, 500 followers. Mountain lions, grizzly bears, moose, bison — everything is prey to Roland as he’s hunted them all.

He’s also got his own collection of knives from the Case Knives group and is a regular at conventions like the Central PA Outdoor at Sports Show. Roland’s also proud to be represented by  Zippo lighters for starting all-important fires for warmth and cooking. The Alaska native has 28-plus years of experience doing what he does and shows no signs of slowing down as he enters his 50s. Currently, Roland calls Shiloh, Pennsylvania, home.

Roland likes to hang with other elite bush crafters, such as the 6 foot 7 inch Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller. He’ll fish down in Mexico, or take to the heights for a sheep hunt, or visit Hawaii to catch up with his family. His website, Straight Outta Rockhouse, hawks everything from zombie grasshoppers to snack on to links where you can book a hunt with the man himself.

What Happened To Roland Welker? YouTube, Podcast Appearances, Family History

Roland’s life story indicates that he had a short stint in the Army and was briefly married. He’s also flown Cessnas over Alaska. You can check out Roland’s video adventures on his YouTube channel, which has fewer subscribers than you’d expect — only 13,300. Roland is not married, but he does have plenty of women sending pics wearing his gear. He’s been on plenty of podcasts including the Whatkast, The Ron Seggi Show, and Eric Outer’s Outerlimitless.

His favorite story and one he tells every chance he gets is his musk ox kill on Day 29 of Alone season 7. This article from a local paper talks about the importance of God in his life. He reportedly has one sister named Megan, and his family has lived in the PA hills for generations. Roland is an inspiration and a lifelong troublemaker, and you want him on your side if ever you’re hunting in the bush.

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