Lily From Dated And Related: Age, Dating Status, Job, IG & More

Lily From Dated And Related: Age, Birthday, Instagram, Job, Relationship Status & More

Dated And Related star Lily Bajor is the older and more responsible sister of Mady, but unfortunately both didn’t find love in the villa in France. The Netflix reality TV star and her sister looked to have fun when they didn’t find anyone they fancied to date. Lily also had to keep a watchful eye on her sister Mady, since she’s a party girl who apparently exclusively dates f*** boys. Here’s everything Dated And Related fans need to know about Mady, including her age, birthday, dating status, job, Instagram and more.

Yet another dating show with a twist, in some ways similar to Netflix’s other dating reality TV shows The Ultimatum and Too Hot To Handle, Dated And Related forces siblings to help their brothers and sister find love.

Dated And Related‘s Lily Works As A Social Media Manager & Cocktail Waitress

Lily has two jobs, working both as a social media manager for Randall Dentistry and as a cocktail waitress. Before those jobs, Lily worked as an intern for CNN and the Republican Party, according to her LinkedIn. Even before joining Netflix dating show Dated And Related Lily worked for dating app Bumble. Lily is also an aspiring singer, following her dad’s musician footsteps, and has posted herself singing on her TikTok.

Originally from Space City, Texas, Long Horn State native Lily went to Southern Methodist University (SMU) where she studied Corporate and Political Communications. While at SMU, she was also the chair for the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma House. Lily was also part of the SMU Mustang cheerleading squad and won the national championship title at the NCA College Nationals.

Dated And Related Star Lily On SMU Cheerleading Championship Squad

Netflix’s Dated And Related star Lily Bajor was on the SMU cheerleading team and was also in a sorority (Instagram).

Lily’s Birthday, Age, Instagram, Dating Status & Travel Lifestyle

Lily, short for Lillian, is 23 years-old and turns age 24 on (or around) December 18. That makes Lily’s zodiac sign Sagittarius, which explains why she is so loyal to her sister and outgoing. Lily is three years older than her younger sister Mady, whose zodiac sign is Leo, which fits her gregarious and confident nature.

Dated And Related's Mady Wishing Bajor Sister Lily A Happy BIrthday

Lily is three years older than her sister Mady and her birthday is in December (Instagram).

Lily’s Instagram shows she’s a globetrotting world traveler. She’s toured countries such as Italy, France, Israel, Spain, the UK, Mexico and Switzerland, just to name a few. Lily’s best friend is her sister Mady, and the two often travel and party together. They also take an annual trip to Las Vegas. The sister duo even created a shared Bajor sisters Instagram account.

Dated And Related Star Lily Traveling In Milan, Italy

Dated And Related Star Lily traveling in Milan, Italy (Instagram).

Although Lily and Mady’s time on Dated And Related was short, the two made quite the impression with fans as they gain thousands of followers. All signs point to Lily being single right now and not dating anyone as there are no guys included in any of her recent social media posts.

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