Perfect Match’s Joey: Everything To Know About The Circle Star

Perfect Match's Joey: Everything To Know About The Circle Star

Perfect Match‘s Joey Sasso is one of many absolutely chaotic Netflix reality personalities who’ve united for one insane dating show. We’ve got schemers, shady characters, serial players, narcissists and exhibitionists under one roof. Even host Nick Lachey insists on being a troll by popping out from behind a wall and startling competitors whenever they enter the boardroom. The loud and lovably obnoxious Joey seems almost tame by comparison. His so-wrong-it’s-right romance with the equally ridiculous Kariselle Snow would be the main event in any other reality show. However, in this circus of constantly swapping partners, their (relatively!) stable pairing is a mere sideshow. Kariselle was leaning towards Chase DeMoor, who seems intent on dating every woman he lays eyes on. However, when the callous Chase sent Kariselle off crying, she ran right back to Joey. It’s a good thing she did, because if Joey had kept up with his I’m-not-owned act, he would have been sent packing quickly. Let’s find out what broey Joey has been doing with his life since winning $100,000 on The Circle season 1.

It’s unclear why Perfect Match allowed a previous couple to compete in a show of supposed singles. It tends to suggest Perfect Match is somewhat staged and fake.

Joey celebrating a sobreity milestone with on-again-off-again girlfriend Kariselle

Joey celebrating a sobriety milestone with on-again-off-again girlfriend Kariselle (Instagram).

Perfect Match‘s Joey: One You Love To Watch

Perfect Match star Joey Sasso sober and living his best life

Perfect Match star Joey Sasso sober and living his best life (Instagram).

Joey has achieved considerable social media reach on the basis of his personality alone. The 25-year-old with a high school diploma has pulled 721,000 followers on Instagram and 49,000 on Twitter.. He may not be able to name a single country on a world map, but Joey has his own Broey Joey merch brand which he promotes on his socials. Would it surprise you to learn he has his own OnlyFans, too? Probably not, given all we know. And, he’s not shy about featuring his doting Mama on his social media adventure. He doesn’t seem to have his own YouTube account, but he’s a frequent guest of online publications like Vulture and Mashable. Maybe Kariselle isn’t impressed and doesn’t think he’s a celeb, but Joey’s own mind does. It looks like Joey recently got close to co-star Chloe Veitch (she joins Perfect Match later), who previously starred in The Circle season 2 and Too Hot To Handle season 1.

Meanwhile, Joey’s TikTok boasts nearly 500,000 followers where he posts goofy videos.

Reality TV star having a surreal moment meeting actor Adam Sandler

Reality TV star Joey Sasso having a surreal moment meeting actor Adam Sandler (Instagram).

When he’s not showing off brightly colored cars or a scary accurate Eminem costume, he’s got a photo of himself with Adele, Amy Poehler and Lady Gaga, or hanging with Adam Sandler of all people. Is there anything this man can’t do?

Joey Sasso recently celebrated his birthday on Dec. 13, turning age 29.

Perfect Match‘s Joey: A Fighter and A Lover

Bad boy Joey hanging out with Too Hot To Handle star and model Chloe Veitch

Bad boy Joey hanging out with Too Hot To Handle star and model Chloe Veitch (Instagram).

It’d be hilarious if Joey and Kariselle ended up as the perfect match. Who would dare break them up? The rest of the cast clearly believe themselves to be something special, and view Joey and Kariselle as untouchable. Nobody is saying as much out loud, but notice how the intense politicking never includes either Joey or Kariselle. Cast members like Selling Tampa‘s Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere have already knocked themselves out of the running by refusing to settle. If she had stuck with The Ultimatum alum Zay Wilson, she’d still have a shot, but they are both gone now. Joey’s other ex, the extremely adventurous Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle season 1), is juggling Rom-Com Dom Gabriel and heartbreaker businessman and Love Is Blind season 1 star Damian Powers. It’s safe to say even she’s got enough on her plate currently. Plus, even on just his own merits (and demerits) it’d be a mistake to count the scrappy New Yorker out. Remember, he did win his season of The Circle!

You want to cheer for Joey because he’s so happy to be living life that it’s almost inspirational. He celebrated a year sober back in Nov. 2021 and has achieved his dream of being an actor. In 2020, he graced the big screen as part of Young Lion Of The WestHowever, small-screen reality is where it’s likely going to stay for Joey. He’s shown up on Match Me If You Can, sort of a smaller scale Perfect Match, and the Peacock series Girls5eva. He also maintains friendships with his The Circle ex Miranda Bissonnette, and with his show-bro Shubham Goel. If Joey could cure himself of his commitment-phobia, he’d have it all. It looks like him and Kariselle are still close, as he has some IG posts of the couple together.

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