BDDU’s Margot: All Fans Need To Know About The Stew From S2

BDDU's Margot: All Fans Need To Know About The Stew From S2

Below Deck Down Under season 2‘s third stewardess Margot Sisson arrived late for the charter season in Cairns, Australia, because she was busy finishing work on another superyacht. Once aboard Northern Sun, Margot quickly caught the attention of Bosun Luke Jones and his deck crew. The blonde beauty with a zany sense of humor is also tied to the “love pentagon” boatmance this season. Let’s find out more about late arrival BDDU‘s Margot, third stew from season 2.

BDDU Season 2’s Margot: Instagram, Previous Work, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Relationship Status, More

Third stewardess Margot hanging with her best friend Ben

Third stewardess Margot hanging with her best friend Ben (Instagram).

Margot’s Instagram reveals she lives in Seattle, Washington, but loves to vacation and travel throughout America. She like to hangout in Maine, Idaho, Colorado, and various other states. She’s originally from Wisconsin, in the Midwest of America, where people are very polite and kind of sound like Canadians.

Since the show, it looks like Margot’s still single, although one could easily think she’s had a long-term boyfriend for years. But that’s her gay best friend Ben. They spend a lot of time together, and like to go vacationing everywhere as a pair.

Margot’s birthday is August 28, which makes her zodiac sign Virgo. Margot is currently 28, but will turn age 29 in 2023. She’s worked in the yachting industry for two years according to Bravo, but on the show she said she only worked in the industry for six months before the show. BDDU season 2 filmed in April 2022, so Margot was age 27 on the show.

Margot previously worked for Amazon in a warehouse, but she found it mind-numbing. She decided to go into yachting to see the world.

BDDU season 2's Margot celebrating her 26th birthday

BDDU season 2’s Margot celebrating her 26th birthday (Instagram).

“I had a guest ask if I would pop a huge zit on his back once, but it was a boil. And I told him he needed to go to a doctor,” Margot said to Bravo. She’s also a big fan of the reality TV network, and admires the lifestyle of fellow wandering nature girl Courtney Skippon, stewardess from Below Deck season 7. She also worked on a boat alongside Chef Natasha DeBourg, Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher‘s nemesis on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2.

On the show, Margot says she likes bad boys, and has never dated a nice guy. She’s also a sucker for confidence, and it looks like she’s already falling under Luke’s spell. Or will she choose nice guy Harry Van Vilet? We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out.

Margot and her mom are also pretty close

BDDU‘s Margot and her mom are also pretty close (Instagram).

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