Captain Lee Reveals Hook Ups On Below Deck Not Shown On TV

Captain Lee Reveals Hook Ups On Below Deck Not Shown On TV

Former Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach isn’t going quietly after not getting invited back to the helm for Below Deck season 11. The former reality TV star started his own podcast Salty With Captain Lee, and boy is he dishing some juicy info of his time filming nine-and-a-half seasons of Bravo’s flagship Below Deck series. In the latest episode of Salty, Captain Lee reveals hooks ups on Below Deck production didn’t include mention of on TV.

“As a matter of fact, it was season 1, these people were, I don’t know, they were all walking billboards for their various companies they were promoting. I don’t think any of them knew each other very, very well. Some of them brought their spouses and some of them didn’t. And so we have a lot of noise going on in the jacuzzi on the upper deck,” Captain Lee explained to his personal assistant and co-host Sam DeCavalcanti.

“If I’m walking up there, then I’ve got a camera following me [chuckles]. Yeah, well there they were in all their glory,” Captain Lee added to his yarn. When his co-host asked why charter guests would do that knowing the show was being filmed, Captain Lee responded, “I don’t know, but they were playing hide the salami. And if I remember correctly, one of them was married. But not to the guy she was in the hot tub with.”

Captain Lee on his podcast Salty with his co-host Sam

Captain Lee on his podcast Salty with his co-host Sam (Instagram).

Captain Lee Reveals Hook Ups On Below Deck Not Shown On TV

Captain Lee explained that the male charter guest was angry that they were walked in on.

“He was hot. He was pissed. If I recall correctly he may have been married as well. But [his wife] wasn’t with him.”

For some reason Bravo production opted to not include any mention of this wild moment between Below Deck season 1 charter guests.

“All I know is there was a lot of water on the floor outside of the jacuzzi,” Captain Lee said. Coincidentally, Below Deck season 11’s newlywed couple got caught hooking up in the hot tub, too, in episode 2.

Captain Lee also caught a crew member and someone in production hooking up in the most unromantic of places.

“Well, of all places, right when you think you’ve heard of all the places where you could possibly get it on on a boat, you think you’ve seen it all. The bosun’s locker is where we store all the dirty buckets, and dirty mops, and shammies, all that stuff [and trash]. And it’s a pretty big room,” Captain Lee said on the same episode of his podcast Salty when answering fan’s questions.

“This was one of production and one of the cast [laughing]. And all I heard was, ‘Shut that [bleeping] door’… We didn’t get that on film.”

So much for not breaking the fourth wall. Cast aren’t supposed to communicate with production while filming the show, let alone fornicate with them either. Diehard Below Deck fans will remember “Chief Entertainment Officer” and lazy deckhand Culver Bradbury took his then-girlfriend and replacement stewardess Jaimee Neale to the bosun’s locker for a romantic liaison while filming Below Deck Down Under season 2.

Captain Lee said he quickly shut the door after walking in on the crew member getting it on with someone from production. “Well apparently they weren’t done.”

Captain Lee certainly isn’t done. After Bravo replaced him with Below Deck Adventure season 1‘s Captain Kerry Titheradge, he still hits the gym two hours a day. He’s in great physical shape since his health and back issues forced him to leave Below Deck season 10 early. He also filmed a season of Couch Talk with Captain Lee and Kate. The Bravo show revolved around Captain Lee and former Below Deck co-star Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain watching Bravo shows and giving color commentary.

In 2024, Captain Lee’s hosting a true-crime series called Deadly Waters, which airs on Oxygen later this year. On top of that, the author of Running Against the Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea is working on another book. This time he’s writing about all of his clever, witty, and crass sailor one-liners.

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