Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Gary Unfollows Tom Over Instagram Post

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3's Deckhand Tom Pearson & First Officer Gary King
Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3’s Deckhand Tom Pearson & First Officer Gary King filming for the show (Screengrab, Instagram).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht deckhand Tom Pearson says he’s on the outs with his season 3 boss Gary King.

While on co-star Daisy Kelliher’s podcast Pita Party, Tom revealed that Gary unfollowed him on Instagram. Gary, age 32, also isn’t responding to his text messages.

Gary & Tom Partied After Filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3

“We’ve met up in LA. We’ve been for drinks, we’ve been for beers, we got a hotel. We went out for a night in Palma together, Spain,” Tom told new moms and BDSY alum Dani Soares and Alli Dore. Daisy was absent from the episode because the chief stew is currently working on another yacht.

“So we’ve seen each other after the show and spoke. But after I put [an Instagram] post up I couldn’t help, you know when you’re curious. So … I went on my messages and it was like, ‘Gary King has seen this’.”

Tom posted a picture of him and Gary on Parsifal III with the caption: “A lot of you message me and ask about [Gary King and] what he’s really like, so I’ll tell ya… Absolutely hilarious and an all round good bloke, and good friend, and he makes some cracking television…”

Apparently Gary didn’t like the complimentary post. Tom checked to see if he responded to his nice post, only to find out he was unfollowed! Not only that, when Tom texted him to see if everything was cool between them, Gary not only didn’t respond to the message, but didn’t even read it.

Alli Dore, who dated Gary during and after BDSY season 2, told Tom not to worry.

“WHAT!? He loves doing that. No, Tom, don’t worry. He loves that game. He loves to do the unfollowing, and the refollowing… He’s done it to both of us. He’s done it to Daisy.”

Daisy and Gary’s own romance on season 3 had pair answering if they are together or dating each other now.

Is Tom Still Dating Ashley Marti After Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Ended Filming?

Also while on the podcast, Tom said ladies looking to date him have flooded his direct messages.

Tom also said lots of girls are telling he’s not too young for them, alluding to Third Stew Ashley Marti rejecting him at first for being the same age as her, age 23, on the show. Tom, now 24, is single now. Dani mentioned his relationship status on Pita Party.

Some of the ladies sliding into Tom’s DMs are in their 50s. Maybe Tom has a thing for older ladies like current charter guest Amy “Bunny” Dunn on BDSY season 3.

Fans have been skeptical of Tom and Ashley’s relationship since the pair hooked up on the show. Some fans thought the relationship would go further than physical because Ashley was comforting Tom on the show after he found out his best friend’s dad was on life support after a heart attack. However, things will eventually fizzle out for the two. Whether it happens on the show or afterwards fans will have to keep watching to find out.

Tom is Working on a Yacht in Miami With Celeb Charter Guest DJ Fisher

Tom was sweating profusely while doing the podcast because he was in an un-airconditioned yacht cabin in Miami. He is still working as a deckhand on yachts. He’s currently onboard a boat hosting world-renowned Australian DJ Fisher.

Fisher is performing shows in Miami right now, and will also be going to Las Vegas and LA.

Unfortunately Tom won’t be able to go on tour partying with Fisher. He will continue to work on his yacht, heading back out to the Bahamas. What a tough life.

Fans can make sure to follow all the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 cast on Instagram here.

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