The Trust Episode 1 Recap: House Of Lies (Spoilers)

The Trust Episode 1 Recap: House Of Lies (Spoilers)

Netflix’s latest competition reality TV show, The Trust: A Game of Greed, dropped and the first four episodes were wild with all of the twists and turns that developed. The premise of the show is based on 11 contestants being part of a trust where the all evenly split a trust of $250,000. The Trust is not quite the same as Netflix’s reboot of The Mole, but with just as much deception, and with as much ruthlessness as Squid Game: The Challenge. However, the competitors have opportunities to push out other competitors by voting them out. So, without further ado, here’s The Trust episode 1 recap on a “House of Lies”.

The beginning of the episode started off with the different cast members talking about money and why they came on the show. We were introduced to all of the competitors of the show, including their ages and professions: Military contractor Jake Chocholous (37), rancher Brian Firebaugh (42), teacher Gaspare Randazzo (33), police officer Juelz Morgan (32), entrepreneur Julie Theis (28), bartender Winnie Ileso (31), realtor Bryce Lee (22), digital marketing manager Tolu Ekundare (26), retiree Jay Patterson (70), business coach Lindsey Anderson (43), and unemployed divorcee Simone Stewart (55).

After gathering by a cliff in a tropical oasis, former CNN anchor and award-winning journalist Brooke Baldwin introduced the basic rules of the game. “I have in my hand here, this document. This is a trust. It promises each of you an equal share, wait for it, of a quarter of a million dollars,” she explained to the excited contestants.

“Throughout your time staying here at the house, you’re going to go through a series of revealing tests in order to get to know each other, which help you decide who you’d like to share the money with.”

She then offered the first opportunity for someone to vote someone off the show. But no one wanted to be seen betraying the trust of the other as they’d surely be targeted next, so no one stepped forward.

The Trust Episode 1 Recap: House Of Lies Turns Everyone Against Each Other

After the initial vote, the competitors got to check out the large villa home they would be staying in, including a stunning infinity pool. Some of the men started to form bonds. Meanwhile, the younger women started to form a clique, including Tolu, Julie, and Winnie. Another bond appeared to form between older ladies Simone and Jay, too.

Julie in talking to Jake figured he liked her. She thought he would come in handy to use and exploit. She explained how she previously took a Gucci purse from an ex trying to get back with her and then didn’t talk to him. Tolu said she could see right through Juelz [bleep] boy behavior and didn’t trust him. Juelz didn’t help his case by lying about being a stripper and personal trainer. He reasoned lying about being a stripper because his true profession of being a cop is too polarizing. However, stripper doesn’t exactly give the first impression either.

The Trust Episode 1 Recap: First Test Reveals Several Liars

Cast members lining up by the cliff on Netflix's The Trust season 1 episode 1

Cast members lining up by the cliff on Netflix’s The Trust season 1 episode 1 (Netflix).

Brooke then had the competitors face their first test, reading out secrets about each competitor to the group on two benches.

“You see these boxes. They’re filled with secrets about the people sitting across from you. Each group will alternate reading a secret, and then you need to name the person you think that particular secret is about. Now, key piece of information here, that person doesn’t have to reveal if that’s his or her secret. It’s up to all of you to decide how truthful you really want to be.”

Jay read the first statement, which revealed someone lies about their profession. Her side accused Simone of lying about her occupation because she let the group know Simone claimed she’s unemployed.

The other group then guessed correctly that Brian said money is poison.

“After being cheated on, I slept with over 150 people as retaliation,” Jay read out as the third clue. They guessed Juelz, but he said they were wrong.

“I cheated on my ex spouse with my current spouse,” the group guessed Jay, but she said she would’ve never done that.

Later on, Lindsey admits to cheating on her previous spouse in defense she was 21 and had just left being a devout Mormon and found out her spouse was a serial cheater. But she had a difficult time leaving the marriage, But she’s now happily married with three children. Lindsey decided to open up about it unprompted to gain trust after other competitors said they didn’t know anything about her.

“I go to parties where the women are weighed on a scale before they’re allowed in,” resulted in people guessing Juelz, but he claimed it wasn’t him. In a confessional clip Julie revealed it was her but she didn’t lie because she wasn’t asked if it was her.

“At 21 years old, I became a millionaire,” was the next cluse and they accused Bryce because of his impeccable dress, knowledge of the expensive building materials in the place, and his clear demonstrations of taste for the finer things in life. Bryce in a confessional revealed he actually is a millionaire, but he didn’t want anyone to know because they’d for sure not want to share the money with him.

That said, a lot of people still didn’t believe him.

The Trust: THE OFFER

Another test occurred the following day, once Brooke arrived again.

“Below this house is a vault. In just a moment, two of you will get access to this vault using these key cards. Once inside, you’ll be presented with two offers. One that benefits you, and one that benefits the entire group. You will have to accept one of the offers. One more thing. What happens in the vault, stays in the vault. It’s totally your call. If you want to tell everyone else what you’ve decided or keep it to yourselves. One-by-one, each of you is going to pull a card out of this block. Two people who pull a card with the silver stripe on the bottom, will go into the vault together.” Juelz and Simone got the cards with silver on the bottom, meaning they got the power.

Upon entering the vault, they were presented with two options on cards.

OFFER ONE: “You can each take home $2500 from the Trust for yourself if someone is cut at the next vote.”

OFFER TWO: “$5,000 can be added to the Trust but you must block two peoples votes from being counted at the Cliff’s Edge.”

Juelz took command of the decision and decided to pick Bryce and Tolu because they were the two names at the top of the list of cast members, thinking that was the fairest option to continue to keep the trust of the group.

They then returned to the group and told them the honest truth about what transpired in the vault. However, Tolu looked at their story as deceptive and had the younger women band together to protect her and target Juelz.

The Trust Episode 1: Cliff’s Edge Vote

Shortly thereafter, Brooke called everyone for the first trust ceremony where one by one the contestants go to the cliff’s edge to talk to Brooke and decide whether or not to vote against someone.

Juelz was first to go, and with mixed emotions coming from the group, decided to trust everyone and not vote. The rest of the guys and the older women then all did the same, opting to keep everyone in the game.

However, Julie voted for Juelz to be out of the trust first. She was then followed by her girl group, as Winnie, Lindsey and Tolu (even though he vote didn’t end up counting) also ganging up on Juelz.

Brooke then informed everyone Juelz was voted out of the trust and sent packing. Juelz cried a bit and was disappointed he was betrayed. However, he really should’ve though twice about claiming to be a stripper. Also, taking the lead in nominating two competitors to not have the power to vote also put a target squarely on his back. Finally, the single button on his shirt also gave off bad vibes to some of the other competitors.

The rest of the cast members lived to compete another day for the now $255,000 prize pool. But everyone’s trust in the group was shattered that night, especially Brian’s.

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