The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Ages, Jobs, Instagrams, Hometowns, More

The Trust Cast Members' Bios: Ages, Jobs, Instagrams, Hometowns, More

Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed, which premiered on the streaming giant on Thursday, January 10, and appears to be a mix of the reboot of The Mole‘s deception and Squid Game The Challenge‘s ruthlessness. Episode 1 “House Of Lies” introduced all of the eleven competitors looking to collect some or all of the $250,000 prize. However, despite some secrets being revealed, not a lot was shared about the contestants. So, let’s take a closer look at The Trust cast members’ bios.

The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Brain Firebaugh

Brian Firebaugh on The Trust

Brian Firebaugh on The Trust (Netflix).

Texas cattle rancher Brian Firebaugh’s Instagram shows he’s based in Waco, Texas, with his wife on their large farm. Besides taking care of his herd of longhorn Texas cattle, Brian also moonlights as a cowboy influencer called “Cattle Guy”. Brian, age 42, has a TikTok following of nearly 400,000 — before blowing up on Netflix — where he teaches about cattle ranching and farming. He also likes to make fun of ignorant vegans, too.


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Before becoming a rancher, Brian worked in healthcare. However, it looks like he changed career paths when the compensation wasn’t very good. Brian also posts longer form videos on YouTube, but he only had 612 subscribers as of writing.

“I am a full-time rancher and unfortunately we have not grown to the point that I can hire a cowboy so I am the cattleman, I am the cowboy, I am the cattle hauler, I am the farmer,” the retired marine said on the show.

“My biological father, he had a thing with money. He used to steal. That is why I try to be truthful, try to be honest, and I try to be exceedingly loyal. Because if I’m not, I’m more just like my father.”

Gaspare Randazzo From The Trust: Age, Job, Hometown, Instagram, More

Teacher and standup comedian Gaspare Randazzo on The Trust

Teacher and standup comedian Gaspare Randazzo on The Trust (Netflix).

The Trust competitor Gaspare Randazzo’s Instagram shows he’s based in New York City where he works as a high school teacher and standup comic. Gaspare, age 33, is planning a country-wide standup tour in February. The self-described “TeachFluencer” loves to tell jokes about his time working as a teacher for 11 years. Randazzo also has a TikTok account, with 50,000 followers, where he shares some of his standup.


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? original sound – standuprandazzo

He also spends a lot of time raising his young daughter and son. Somehow Gaspare also finds time to host a podcast, too.


The Trust‘s Jake Chocholous: Instagram, Age, Job, TikTok, Podcast, More

Veteran Jake Chocholous starring on The Trust

Veteran Jake Chocholous starring on The Trust (Netflix).

Military contractor Jake Chocholous is a retired Blackhawk pilot and military veteran. Shockingly for a fairly progressive streaming giant, Netflix casted Jake, who’s staunchly conservative. He’s also very vocal about his right-wing political opinions as the podcast host of The Man Up Daily Podcast. He’s recently posted trashing President Joe Biden’s administration’s open border policies, trans issues, girls on dating sites, and the body positivity movement.


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Jake’s Instagram following was 46,000 before The Trust aired. He also has 115,000 followers on TikTok too.

Jake, age 37, said on the show, “I come from a background where it’s all team oriented. So you have to rely on your brothers and sisters in tons of different situations.” He also says he’s a natural born leader. Jake looks to be single in early 2024.

The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Juelz Morgan’s Instagram, Age, Job, More

Police officer and actor Juelz Morgan on The Trust

Police officer and actor Juelz Morgan on The Trust (Netflix).

Although on the show Juelz’s listed job is police officer, he lies to the other contestant claiming he’s a personal trainer and stripper. However, in real life Juelz’s Instagram has a bio saying he’s an actor. Juelz, age 32, also loves to travel. He’s vacationed and traveled in France, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Mexico, China, and many other countries.


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? original sound – Juelz_Morgan

Although it’s unclear where he lives now, it looks like Juelz’s hometown is New Orleans. Juelz appears to be single at this time.

Julie Theis: TikTok, Instagram, Age, Job, Hometown, More

Psychology influencer Julie Theis on The Trust

Psychology influencer Julie Theis on The Trust (Netflix).

Entrepreneur Julie is age 28, and claims to go to a club where women are weighed before being allowed in. She also admitted she took advantage of an ex who sent her a Gucci purse trying to get back together with her. She kept the purse and still ditched the guy.

Julie’s Instagram shows she’s a Gemini with a June 6th birthday. The former Montana cheer leader and beauty pageant queen also is a big time TikTok influencer. Julie’s TikTok had over 550,000 followers before The Trust aired. The influencer goes by M.S Psychology on TikTok and promotes her The Healing Blueprint journal, coaching sessions, wardrobe rentals, and Amazon storefront. Julie looks to not be currently in a relationship.


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The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Winnie Ileso’s Instagram, Age, Job, More

Nigerian fashion consultant and bartender Winnie Ileso on The Trust

Nigerian fashion consultant and bartender Winnie Ileso on The Trust (Netflix).

Houston-based bartender Winnie is age 31. Winnie’s Instagram (15,000 followers) reveals she also works as a consultant stylist and is of Nigerian background. Winnie’s TikTok also has over 8,500 followers where she shows off different outfits. Browsing through Winnie’s posts, she certainly knows how to dress and loves fashionable, luxurious clothing. Winnie appears single at this time.


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The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Bryce Lee’s Instagram, Age, Job, More

Young millionaire Bryce Lee on The Trust

Young millionaire Bryce Lee on The Trust (Netflix).

Bryce Lee in the first episode has his secret about him being a millionaire told to the other contestants during a test, but he denied being wealthy. The Washington state real estate agent appears to work alongside his mom selling multi-million-dollar properties in the ritzy Lake Tapps.

Bryce’s Instagram shows he’s in a committed relationship with his girlfriend Kayla Bent. He’s also related to famous Emmy-award-winning kitchen and home expert Sandra Lee. His family actually starred on a Family Feud Celebrity edition of the show back in 2017. The budding real estate wiz kid, age 22 on the show, also has traveled all over Europe. Bryce is already making waves in the real estate industry, too, already becoming a broker.

“I was born and raised in Lake Tapps, a picturesque waterfront community located approximately 30 minutes south of Seattle. This lifelong connection has provided me with invaluable insights into the local real estate landscape and a deep appreciation for the unique characteristics of the areas I serve,” Bryce recently said in an interview.

Reality TV star Bryce and his girlfriend

Reality TV star Bryce and his girlfriend (Instagram).

“My mom is a veteran in real estate. And I’m a third generation realtor. I love what I do. And I love telling my clients that they’re millionaires,” he said on the show.

The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Tolu Ekundare’s Instagram, Age, Job, More

Marketing expert Tolu Ekundare on The Trust

Marketing expert Tolu Ekundare on The Trust (Netflix).

Tolu Ekundare’s Instagram shows the Nigerian born model loves fashion. Digital Marketing manager Tolu is age 26 and moved from Nigeria at a young age. Her African background is big part of her identity, as can be seen with much of the clothes she wears.

Tolu’s parents came to America with nothing, “I’m going to do everything in my power to leave this place with as much money as possible, so that I’ll be able to give back to my parents and pay them back ten-fold for the sacrifices that they’ve made for me.” She clawed her way out of poverty and alienation and was an only child growing up, so she doesn’t like to share. Although based in Houston, Texas, Tolu loves to travel the world, already visiting Tulum, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Hawaii, and Miami.

The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Jay Patterson’s Instagram, Age, Job, More

Comedian Jay Patterson on The Trust

Comedian Jay Patterson on The Trust (Netflix).

Retiree Jay Patterson, age 70, said on the show she is on her third marriage. “I’m not your typical grandma. I had a Harley and did the drugs and the drinking, but it wasn’t me [who cheated on my ex partner].”

Jay’s TikTok shows she owns several cats and dogs. She also still works various part time jobs and is a storyteller, comedian, and artist.


? original sound – Jay Patterson

Jay’s Instagram includes some of her standup routines.

The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Lindsey Anderson’s Instagram, Age, Job, More

Business coach Lindsey Anderson on The Trust

Business coach Lindsey Anderson on The Trust (Netflix).

Business coach Lindsey Anderson’s Instagram shows she’s an online business consultant who owns her own business. On episode 1, Lindsey opened up about how she was stuck in an abusive relationship while still part of the Mormon Church. She said her ex husband was a serial cheater, so before she was able to divorce him she met her now-husband and also cheated. They have three kids together. Lindsey, age 43, also hosts The Millionaire Maker Show podcast, which suggests she may also be a millionaire.

Lindsey’s TikTok includes lost of videos of business advice.


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The Trust Cast Members’ Bios: Simone Stewart’s Instagram, Age, Job, More

Reality TV star Simone Stewart on The Trust

Reality TV star Simone Stewart on The Trust (Netflix).

Simone’s Instagram is private, so not a lot is known about her outside what she shared on the show.

Simone, age 55 on the show, was unemployed and divorced. “I have a non-binary plant. Their name is Chris. And I have another little spider plant. His name’s Harry. And Harry’s always coming on to Chris, and Chris won’t have any of it. Chris is a ponytail palm. [Laughing]. See. you really think I’m crazy now, but I’ve met crazier than me. I have,” she said early on in the show.

“I think because that I’m unemployed and a single mom still supporting myself and my two kids, people will probably assume that I’m desperate for that money that’s in that trust, and that might make me a target. So there’s some motivation there for them to get rid of me.”

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