Does Cat Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11?

Does Cat Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11?

Boat stewardess Cat Baugh struggled to pick up the pace demanded of crew working on a superyacht like St. David on Below Deck season 11. The blonde Californian and former orphan took a lot of flack from co-worker Barbie Pascual because she constantly took too long on tasks and didn’t know what she was doing. Cat’s previously experience working on day charters on a much smaller commercial vessel meant she was green to the superyacht industry. As she struggles to work at the level expected in yachting, fans wonder: does Cat get fired on Below Deck season 11? 

Although in episode 4’s first several minutes it looks like Barbie is most likely to get fired by Captain Kerry Titheradge, the trailers clearly show she gets in a boatmance with deckhand Kyle Stillie later on in the season. Furthermore, Chief Steward Fraser Olender conceded Barbie is very good at her job when he tried to get her fired. Cat, on the other hand, kept letting down the interior team on the show. She even started crying on the first day of charter. Fraser then commented she would never make it through the season with such thin skin.

Fraser, although having sympathy for Cat’s past family tragedy and growing up in a cult, isn’t impressed with Cat constantly dropping the ball. An inspection of the guest cabins’ conditions didn’t meet superyacht standards, and it was Cat’s fault. She also tried to monitor Barbie’s work activity, despite her being much slower and less strong a stew than the Argentinian brunette.

Does Cat Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11?

Both Fraser and Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby promise a lot of firings on Below Deck season 11. Besides Bosun Jared Woodin obviously getting fired, Chef Anthony Iracane also was on thin ice for not cooking fast enough for charter guests and not providing the crew with enough food. Barbie’s insubordination and feuding with Fraser may also end up being her undoing. But, Cat seems the most likely candidate in the interior department to get fired first.

Episode 4’s blurb reveals Cat continues to struggle to make friends and comradery with the rest of the crew. “Cat struggles to find her place within the crew,” reads part of episode 4, It’s Always Sunny In Grenada”, description. Although it’s far from certain Cat gets fired on Below Deck season 11, the foreshadowing makes it a high possibility. Also, a blonde bombshell stewardess named Paris Field joins the crew at some point, so we know at least one stew gets fired.

Episode 6, “Love Me Tender”, has a blurb that reads in part, “Cat struggles to find her place on the yacht.” Considering on the third charter, with guests Tina Smothers and Eileen Perry, Cat continues to tick off newly-promoted Second Stewardess Xandi Olivier with her lack of eye for detail and learning the job, her days are numbered.

In the trailer, Ben also dissed Fraser for having way more of his department’s staff let go. Yet another clue Fraser’s department loses at least a couple crew members again like in Below Deck season 10. Cat is certainly first in line to walk the plank. We’ll have to wait and see when and why Cat was fired on the show. However, episode 6’s title “The Cat’s Out Of The Bag” suggests she gets fired then.

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