Perfect Match’s Zay: The Ultimatum Star’s Job, IG, Twitter, Basketball & More

Perfect Match's Zay: The Ultimatum Star's Job, IG, Twitter, Basketball & More

Perfect Match‘s Zay Wilson was another cast member who simply failed to launch on the show. He’s been vocal on Twitter about how he was the victim of a bad edit. Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, for her part, didn’t seem to think the edit was the problem. In any case, Zay’s Twitter has a grand total of 1,822 followers so it’s unlikely anyone will be swayed.

Honestly, it’s hard to be in Zay’s corner after his performance on The Ultimatum. His relationship with Rae Williams crumbled in an alcohol fuelled and even violent (on her part) mess. The 6’6″ basketball player and current model, represented by the Devisionare Group, has a tendency to make self-sabotaging decisions. Viewers criticized him for not doing enough to keep Anne-Sophie, repeating that she should “talk to him”. Even if the dark wizards in the Netflix editing department did Zay dirty, Perfect Match was the time for Zay to turn it up to 11. If you’re gonna go, go hard like Savannah Palacio did.

Perfect Match’s Zay: Age, Zodiac and Basketball Career

Perfect Match star Zay modeling

The Ultimatum star Zay modeling (Instagram).

Zay, whose full name is Isaiah Wilson, is a 27 year old Virgo from Texas. His birthday is September the 14th. Virgos are known to be confident, and Zay certainly has that attribute in spades. Whether it’s deserved is a different question altogether.

Zay was on the Kansas Wesleyan NCAA team, the Coyotes, for the 2019-2020 year. In this season, his senior year, he posted decent stats.  He scored just under 5 points per game for 30 games. He was an unrestricted free agent for the 2020 NBA season.

Perfect Match’s Zay: Instagram Stats

Zay’s Instagram has a respectable 368,000 followers. In addition to highlights from his basketball career, we have plenty of modelling shots and shirtless pics. We can also learn that a successful trip to the dentist rates an IG story as far as Zay is concerned, and that the man certainly does have good taste in cowboy hats.

Zay is still young, so let’s hope he’s able to figure things out and find love in the future.

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