Below Deck: Fans Think Heather’s Grandpa Is Captain Lee In Pic

Below Deck‘s new Chief Stew Heather Chase’s grandfather could be Captain Lee Rosbach‘s identical twin or clone. Okay, maybe they don’t look identical, but pretty darn close. Fans of the hit show were doing a doubletake of a picture Heather posted to Instagram celebrating her grandpa’s birthday.

“Without glasses I thought that was Capt. Lee. He still does look like him!” said one fan.

“I bet everyone thought not only did Captain Lee break his arm but also shaved his beard! Happy birthday to your grandpa! Treasure him for as long as you can!” said another fan seeing the resemblance between Heather’s grand dad and Rosbach.

Another IG follower of Heather wondered if she and Captain Lee were related because of the “striking resemblance” of her grandpa to Captain Lee. That would help explain how Heather has a picture of her and Captain Lee from 2016, well before she first joined the show Below Deck in season 9.

Heather Chase with Captain Lee
Below Deck’s new Chief Stew Heather Chase meeting Captain Lee back in 2016, well before joining his crew (Screenshot, Instagram).

Perhaps Heather has a famous uncle she’s failing to let Below Deck fans know about?

Heather, age 25 on the show, posted an Instagram story showing her meeting the OG captain when she was likely still a teenager. It looks like she has been a fan of the My Seanna superyacht captain for some time and had her dreams come true by getting to work with him five years later!

Below Deck fans can make sure not to miss IG stories from Heather and the rest of the crew by following all the Below Deck cast members on Instagram.

Chase likes to post a lot of Instagram stories, including interesting stuff tied to the show. Recently she posted herself in some swag of fitness trainer and charter guest Todd Weiss while calling him a “stud”.

She also has commented a few times on fellow cast member Jake Foulger’s posts, further stoking rumors she and the bosun maybe had a thing for each other on the boat. He certainly was trying to flirt with her when the crew went out partying after the third charter.

In episode 7’s preview it looks like Heather is all back to business though, and may have to fire third stew Jessica Albert!

Over the weekend Heather also shared a bunch of IG stories of her partying as a bridesmaid at her good friend’s wedding.

If Heather has her own wedding day fans may wonder if Captain Lee and his long-lost twin will be reunited.

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