Too Hot To Handle’s Trey: Age, Job, IG, TikTok, More

Too Hot To Handle's Trey: Age, Job, IG, TikTok, More

Some folks are just too normal for reality TV, and Too Hot To Handle in particular. That describes Trey Rogers to a T as he was thoroughly unimpressed with Hannah Brooke’s dance moves. He did seem entranced by Christine Obanor on their date and the attraction certainly seemed mutual. Although Christine did stand by her then-man Louis Russell that story may not be over as we will see. Unless self-described pretty boy Trey makes a late move on the show, he’ll be gone soon enough. That may not be a bad strategy as Too Hot To Handle’s Trey seems to be doing just fine in the real world.

Some people might be annoyed at being brought on a show just to serve as an attractive distraction. Yazmin Marziali, we’re looking at you. However, Trey’s chill attitude and clean-cut demeanor has fans disappointed that they haven’t seen more of him. Therefore, let’s dig into the details on Trey.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Trey: Age, Hometown, Height, Modeling Job, Dog, IG, TikTok, Education, Military Service

Trey works as a model

Trey works as a model (Instagram).

Trey is another 22-year-old youngblood and proudly hails from Chicago. He’s yet another model, which is his main job at the moment. Like Louis and Bryce Saltmarsh, he doesn’t give his birthday , what’s the deal with models hiding their birthdays? As part of Select Models Chicago, Trey is the only one of the male cast to walk the runway. His height is listed as 6″1′. He’s also modelled for brands you’ve heard of, like Jockey underwear and Polo shirts.  It seems like pets are allowed when you live your life in front of the camera, however. Winter Pombo the Mini Australian Shepard is Trey’s companion, and Winter has his own Instagram. However, it seems like Winter’s dog mommy is Chicago model Isabella Pombo, raising yet another question about Trey’s relationship status.

Anyway, Trey’s Instagram is quality over quantity with 19,300 followers. Trey’s TikTok could use some brushing up with just 6,000 followers. However Trey cleaned up very nicely for his University of Chicago graduation in June of last year. You can also see Trey in what appears to be a military uniform in a tribute IG post to his mom from 2018. It looks like Trey was part of the Air Force if our read of his insignia is correct.

Sadly, Trey’s Instagram gets left in the dust compared to other THTH season 5 cast members’ Instagram follower counts.


Boat season off to a great start #summertimechi #playpenchicago

? Mii Music but It Makes You Uncomfortable – lukeitslukas

Too Hot To Handle’s Trey: Relationship Mysteries & Apparently Single

THTH season 5 star Trey hanging in Miami, Florida

THTH season 5 star Trey hanging in Miami, Florida (Instagram).

Right at the top of Trey’s IG is a post where he says “Heard someone’s favorite candy was chocolate… I got keys to the factory @christineobanor.” But, if you go to a photo burst from June 15, the last pic shows a woman taking a photo of a sunrise with her phone out the window. We can also see Louis commenting positively on a post where Trey shows a THTH celebration at PRYSM nightclub in Chicago. So: maybe Louis and Christine are broken up and Trey is trying to reignite things. No wait: Trey is sharing Winter with his gf Isabella Pombo. Or, the mystery woman taking the pic of the sunset was a short term thing. Or maybe Trey is an extremely lowkey player and Louis is commenting out of admiration? It’s never a bad thing to be in demand even if you didn’t “win” the reality show you’re on. we’ll have to wait and see if Trey is still on the market.

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