Too Hot To Handle’s Yazmin: Age, Jobs, IG, TikTok, More

Too Hot To Handle season 5 fans are freaking out over Hannah Brooke’s theft of Isaac Francis away from Yazmin Marziali. Naturally Isaac was a willing participant in this love larceny as he seemed to be getting into bed with Yazmin. But then Isaac leaned over and whispered to Yazmin that since they weren’t exclusive. He told her he would be bedding down with Hannah instead and a shocked Yazmin acquiesced in the moment. Too Hot To Handle’s Yazmin, whose hands were not clean either (having turned Isaac’s head away from Courtney Randolph) was in tears.

Even if this was another scripted moment, it took Isaac’s villainy to the next level. Hannah is receiving her share of blame online after going all out to secure her prey. But what about Yazmin herself? Is there anything left for her? Let’s find out Yazmin’s backstory.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Yazmin: Birthplace, Birthday, Zodiac, IG, TikTok, Influencer Manager, Bottle Girl Job, Travel

Yazmin is from the South American country Uruguay, but she now calls Toronto, Canada, home

Yazmin is from the South American country Uruguay, but she now calls Toronto, Canada, home (Instagram).

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Yazmin now calls Toronto, Ontario, Canada, her new home. The 25-year-old’s birthday is February 21, which makes her a deeply emotional Pisces. There are supportive comments on Yazmin’s IG from Hawaiian hottie Linzy Luu, Megan Thomson, and Courtney, but Hannah has wisely stayed silent. (Yazmin does follow Hannah, so it’s all good, maybe?) 95,700 people follow Yazmin on IG, to be compared with 43,600 on Yazmin’s TikTok. You may have noticed that Yazmin’s makeup game is on point, so check out her many GRWM videos there.

Yazmin fits in the middle of the pack compared to her THTH season 5 castmates for most Instagram followers.


I thought if I had kissed a frog i’d become a princess? ? #thth #toohotohandle #toohottohandleseason5 #latina @Netflix

? original sound – ?

Yazmin enjoys sushi, dressing up in black for Halloween (her natural hair color is black) and wine. She speaks fluent Spanish and is managed by influencer marketers JB Social. When she isn’t killing it online, Yazmin’s main job is as a bottle girl for Toronto’s hottest establishments. She breaks down a workday, or worknight, in a July 2023 TikTok “day in my life” video. Yazmin loves to travel and has been tagged in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Turks and Caicos, LA and Nobu Miami to name a few places.


day 1/4 of working this weekend #grwm #grwmtogotowork #grwmbottleservice #bottleservice #torontobottleservice

? original sound – Yazmin Marziali

Too Hot To Handle‘s Yazmin: Friends and Family

Yazmin modeling a bikini

Yazmin modeling a bikini (Instagram).

Yazmin seems to enjoy her privacy as her IG doesn’t feature any friends in the frame. However, her friends love her a lot and threw a huge bash for her 25th with sparklers, a sushi tray and a sign that said “Happy Birthday Yazzy.” You can also find her work friends trying to out-duck face her in her IG stories. Then there’s Yazmin’s parents, who are Karina Escobar Marziali and and Marcelo Marziali. Dad Marcelo works for Canadian paper and packaging manufacturer Westrock as a Print and Process Director according to his LinkedIn. Karina, Yazmin’s mom, works with Bearded Villains charity just outside Toronto according to her IG.

Marcelo, or Marz-El-Malevo, is a big part of Bearded Villains and almost as much of a character as his daughter. According to their YouTube page, they are a chapter of a larger Bearded Villains organization based out of Indiana. He enjoys the biker lifestyle and Canadian charitable activities like the Polar Bear Dip. In this ritual you raise money by immersing yourself in freezing Canadian water. In one photo he holds his grandson in his arms… could this be Yazmin’s son?

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