Too Hot To Handle’s Bryce: Age, Job, IG, Tattoos, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Bryce: Age, Job, IG, Tattoos, More

There’s always someone younger and hotter on Too Hot To Handle season 5as Alex Snell found out to his dismay. Lana sent his golden girl Elys Hutchinson on a surprise date with Channing Tatum lookalike Bryce Saltmarsh. This man of few words had Elys in the palm of his hand and Alex was in quite the spot as he watched from a distance. However, Too Hot To Handle‘s Bryce, who boasted a 100% success rate with women, hasn’t succeeded in snatching Elys away yet. This is significant on Too Hot To Handle where impossibly beautiful robots switch partners with no warning.

We’ll have to wait another week to see if there will be a showdown between Alex and Bryce. Bryce seems to be the type to attract female attention on his own, but that strategy won’t work here. He risks falling into the background like so many other THTH contestants if he doesn’t actively pursue. Being in an LTR or any committed relationship doesn’t seem to be a priority for Bryce as he seems confidently single. For now, let’s review the facts on Bryce.

Too Hot To Handle’s Bryce: Model Job, Fitness, IG, Age, Tattoos

THTH season 5 Bryce showing off his physique and tattoos

THTH season 5 Bryce showing off his physique and tattoos (Instagram).

One look at Bryce and you’ll see he’s far and away the most ripped of the male contestants. The other model guys in the cast don’t seem to train for strength the way Bryce does. One of the posts on Bryce’s Instagram, which is still underrated at 17,700 followers as of writing, says that he hates cardio.

Bryce needs to step up his IG game, he gets left in the dust compared to his THTH season 5 castmates for Instagram follower count.

He might be the new cast baby at age 22, but neither he nor Louis Russell have revealed their birthdates so this is still unconfirmed. Some pages online say that Bryce is of mixed ethnicity like Louis, but good luck finding anything about his family. He does tag a Cain Saltmarsh from time to time. They may be brothers, but, once again there’s no way to know for sure.

Bryce's shark tattoo

Bryce’s shark tattoo (Instagram).

Bryce is definitely a model with Australia’s Vivien’s Models as his page there attests. He’s mostly shirtless so we can get clear confirmation of his tattoos. On his right upper chest he has a tattoo of a butterfly and on the left side he has the words “my kind of scene.” He has a tattoo of a flower, possibly a daffodil, on his right inner forearm, and what appears to be a leaf outline on his right bicep. There’s also an outline of a shark on his right forearm. It makes sense that the Gold Coast, Australia native, who is almost always outdoors, would be a nature and wildlife lover.


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Too Hot To Handle’s Bryce: TikTok & Pet Dog

Bryce at the gym working out

Bryce at the gym working out (Instagram).

Bryce’s TikTok is a bit more developed than his IG, at 16,000 followers. It’s more of the same from his IG, with workout clips and shirtless clips aplenty. Bryce does have one soft spot that we can see, and it’s for his puppy Ruby. Sadly, Ruby crossed the rainbow bridge just a month ago on June 12 and Bryce posted a retrospective of pics. It seems like Ruby had been Bryce’s closest companion ever since he was a little boy and was very loved through her long life.

Bryce aspiring to be a super model

Bryce aspiring to be a super model (Instagram).

Bryce is said to have an easy personality and many friends on the show, but he seems to have some trouble sharing the spotlight or saying anything scintillating.

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