Alone S1: What Happened To Mitch Mitchell, Third Place Finisher?

Alone S1: What Happened To Mitch Mitchell, Third Place Finisher?

Nobody will disagree with Mitch Mitchell‘s reason to leave Alone season 1: his mom had cancer and she needed him. After 43 days in the brutal Vancouver wilderness and multiple horrific storms, Mitch also ended up avoiding the biggest and worst snowfall. Mitch had already won the respect of fans with his logical, methodical and crazy prepared approach to survival. As this widely circulated image shows, this is a man who picks his gear with the utmost care. If you check the comments on the YouTube video he posted right after tapping out, it’s clear that fans were willing to support him fully.  And as a consummate businessman, Mitch knows that winning the whole show wasn’t necessary.

We also knew that Mitch’s strategy was one-and-done when he decided against returning for Alone: Frozen. In his mind there was no reason to put himself at risk again for a reality audience. And as his casting tape for the show demonstrates, Mitch is not interested in fancy titles or proving he’s the best. But now that we know about the man’s strategy, the question remains: what happened to Mitch Mitchell after the show?

What Happened To Mitch Mitchell? Survivalist YouTube Channel, Family, Faith, More

Unlike most reality competitors, who are all about Instagram, Mitch has invested heavily in YouTube. His low-maintenance, content dense videos average only a couple of thousand views, but he has 237,000 subscribers. Mitch does have an Instagram account, but several posts are just still from his videos. His follower count is decent at over 9,000. You’ll have to dig deep to find out more about the man and his interests besides nature. He does have two daughters who have been taught well by their dad, but you won’t see a wife or partner.  If he’s not married now, he was at one point based on an old profile on the History Channel website. You can find his favorite book — the tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

You can also see he is a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which is no surprise given the game’s isolating atmosphere and emphasis on crafting. He may have an interest in snowboarding since he features the old-school N64 game, 1080 Snowboarding. Mitch is a proud New Englander and hails from Bellingham, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. He is a Patriots fan and an admirer of Tom Brady. There are a few references to Star Wars as well on his IG, suggesting he is a fan of the series. We can also see a page of the Bible, and Mitch’s Christian faith is a big part of his life, being part of the Hillsong Church. Mitch does have a LinkedIn and a Facebook page but they are very sparse.

What Happened To Mitch Mitchell? Survival Skill/ Crafting Business, Cast Friendship, Travels, Age

Mitch’s great love is his business, The Native Survival School. Here he makes and sells his own gear, teaches survival classes, and even hand-carves items. Mitch is an expert in carving bows and canoes. He has maintained a friendship with at least one cast member from his season, the ubiquitous Sam Larson. Mitch is not what you would call a world traveler, but he does go all over North America for wilderness treks. He’s ventured as far as Nova Scotia, Canada. We don’t know Mitch’s birthday, but we know he was 34 in 2015. This would make him between 42 and 43 today.

While Mitch seems a bit obsessed, his dedication to his craft is unquestioned.

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