Is Netflix’s Outlast Fake? All Signs Show’s Scripted & Staged

Is Netflix's Outlast Fake? All Signs Show's Scripted & Staged

The antics on survival competition reality TV show Outlast has viewers accusing the show of being heavily scripted and staged. It’s to the point some viewers are wondering is Netflix’s Outlast fake? Here are all the signs and evidence the show Outlast didn’t actually strand its sixteen cast members to fend for themselves in the Alaskan rainforest wilderness. Instead, fans believe they got a lot of help from show production and also followed a script.

Netflix’s Outlast Fake? Fans Point Out Scripted Storylines & Apparently Staged Fighting

When Outlast cast member Justin Court went across the river to sabotage Team Delta’s camp, stealing their sleeping bags, fans called it out as not passing the staged and scripted smell test.

Reddit users pointed out how the whole scene didn’t make sense.

“Definitely scripted. When they are looking for the guy who stole the sleeping bags there’s a whole camera crew with him and they walk right past. Bummer. Could have been as good as Alone,” said one user.

Other fans found it impossible for the cast members to survive in the highest-concentrated bear population and the incessant rain without the help of the show’s production team.

“The guy swims across a freezing river in underwear and doesn’t even shiver when he’s out. Look at their firewood. Straight cuts made by a power saw. The wood in that area would be to wet to burn. All they would get was a lot of smoke,” another pointed out,” another said. On top of that, at the start of the show they are given only a wool blanket, but later on they suddenly have sleeping bags and other gear they didn’t have at the start of the competition.

Another fan pointed out how it was way to easy for contestant Javier Colón to burn down his wooden camp, suggesting show production helped him.

“When Javier lit the shelter it was obvious there was outside interference. They struggle to light a fire yet that wood he lit is burning like kindling with a lot of gasoline over it. It is obvious from they way it was burning they just poured gasoline over it.”

Outlast‘s Contestant Jill Shows Bad Edits Adding To Fake Claim

Outlast‘s show credits also makes it clear the show is scripted. The show has a story producer, associate producer, line producers, and many editors.

Outlast's story producer

Outlast‘s story producer and associate producer in show’s credits (Netflix).

Show's editors

Show’s editors (Netflix).

Runner-up contestant and professional detective Jill Ashlock posted on her Instagram further evidence Outlast is edited. Jill and her best friend on the show, Amber Asay, got dragged by malicious trolls online for their villainous portrayal on the show.

“You all had an opportunity to see something that was completely construed and rise above. It gave you just enough that if your heart was in the right place, then there was no way you could get it wrong,” Jill said in one post, suggesting the show gave them a bad edit.

Jill also posted a video saying fans failed to see that she and Amber put up with misogynistic males for 36 days while on the show.

“I’m gonna tell you right now, when the cameras are off, people will really show you who they truly are,” Jill told E! News. “You get me 100 percent authentically 100 percent of the time. I’m not any different right now than I was out there in Alaska.”

Jill also pointed out how the show’s editors lied about how many Coho salmon Alpha Team caught fishing and suggested the editing of the show cut out much of the truth.

Outlast Competitor Jill Ashlock talking about how the show edits didn't tell the true story

Outlast competitor Jill Ashlock talking about how the show edits didn’t tell the true story (Instagram).

“You can’t see the truth for the drama!!! A game! A game show! Absolutely no one was EVER EVER in true danger! Wake the [bleep] up people. And no one else was smart enough to even move their pieces around the board, let alone win. I got outrun. Not outwitted, and sure as hell not outlasted!!!” Jill wrote on IG.

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast (Instagram).

Outlast Viewers Find Other Faults With Show, Nick Claims It’s Real

Charlie Team’s Nick Radner still claims the show is 100% real and authentic.

“Every day, we were getting more and more starved out,” Nick told Netflix’s Tudum. “If anyone watches the show and says it isn’t real, I’m going to go to their house and punch them in the face. It was real.”

Perhaps Netflix will address the accusations in a likely Outlast reunion episode.

“Whenever I scout, I meet with local experts, local hunters and survival people.” Outlast executive producer Grant Kahler said in an interview, maintaining the show is real. “A lot of times, I’ll take along survival experts who’ve gone through military SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) training. We go out and evaluate the area; like, there’s mussels here, there’s salmon during these months, there’s this type of deer, fish or crab. [We ask] what type of wood is there? Is there enough dead wood to burn? If you don’t choose the right place, the contestants are going to end up having nothing.”

However, a lot of fans aren’t buying Outlast isn’t fake and scripted to some extent.

“They keep on getting new clothes and gear. The camera crew is everywhere. The acting is terrible. But it’s entertaining. I just excepted it and enjoyed the ride. Netflix spent millions on this obviously so hey I’ll watch it and laugh. It’s a shame though because the premise is so good. I think if they did it for real it would be awesome,” another viewer said on Reddit.

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