Below Deck Sailing Yacht: All The Charter Guests From Season 3

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Charter Guests Dawn Zacha & Husband Tim Miller
Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guest Dawn Zacha, husband Tim Miller and their friends get ready to board Parsifal III on the 5th charter of the show (Screenshot, Bravo).

Below Deck fans always want to learn more about the charter guests that come on the show. In Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3, a lot of colorful characters paid to be charter guests on Parsifal III.

Like most seasons of Below Deck, BDSY season 3 included some charter guests who were total nightmares for the crew to please. Meanwhile others were polite and kind. Here are all the BDSY primary charter guests, and many of their friends also on the show, from season 3. The total charter tip money given by each group is also included.

Wedding Charter Guests Allegra & Gabe From Charter 9

Allegra and Gabe‘s wedding on the beach had Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and Captain Glenn Shephard emotional because of the beautiful ceremony. Co-primary charter guests Matt and Laura, along with other friends, watched their good friends tie the knot. Chef Marcos faced a challenging group of guests and had to make a gluten-free wedding cake.

Junior Stew Ashley Marti got high praise from Daisy and fans for her work preparing the wedding.

Primary Charter Guest Lane Merrifield & Other Guests From Charter 8

Lane Merrifield, his fiancé Amanda and other charter guest friends party in Spain (Instagram).

Rich Canadian tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Club Penguin Lane Merrifield brought along a group of friends and his fiancé Amanda. This group of Canadians had a blast partying on the yacht, despite not being able to sail. They showed the crew how to do a hurricane, in which you take a shot, then have someone throw water in your face and slap you. They also had a sailing competition against the crew, which they narrowly lost.

Chef Marcos was put to the test because Lane requested molecular gastronomy, but as always, he rose to the challenge and wowed the guests.

These “classiest, funniest and kindest” charter guests left the crew the best tip of the season, $23,000 or $2,555 per crew member.

Primary Charter Guest Keely Washburn & Other Guests From Charter 7

Everything To Know About Keely Washburn & Other Charter Guests On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3
Find out more about Keely Washburn, former charter guest on BDSY season 2 with Erica Rose, and the rest of the charter guests she is with on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 (Screenshot, Bravo).

“Aspiring real estate agent” Keely Washburn, her friends and their moms were the guests on charter 7. This group of charter guests were well-behaved compared to Dr. Kim Nichols and Erica Rose’s groups.

The other charter guests alongside Keely were: friend Jennifer Husk, Husk’s mom Susan, friend Belinda Benham, Benham’s mom Debbie, friend Bailey Fuller, Bailey’s mom Wendy, and friend Jess Cimato.

The ladies didn’t get a lot of screen time to drama happening between the crew, but the most memorable moment was when some of the ladies called Chef Marcos “muy caliente” several times.

Keely and her gang left the crew $16,400, $1,820 for each crew member.

Primary Dr. Kim Nichols & Other Charter Guests From Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Charter 6

Charter Guest Dr. Kim Nichols From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3
Find out everything you need to know about Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guest and dermatologist Dr. Kim Nichols (Instagram).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Dr. Kim Nichols hasn’t yet come aboard Parsifal but she’s already making waves. Her preference sheet was read out by Captain Glenn Shephard in episode 10 and she wants all the crew to refer to her as “Dr. Nichols”.

Kim is a self-described celebrity cosmetic dermatologist with her own practice, called SkinLab, based in Greenwich, Connecticut. She is happily married to attorney Chris Cabanillas and is a mom of three children.

Kim made TV appearances on Megyn Kelly and Dr. Oz’s shows. Dr. Nichols’ Instagram mostly includes work-related posts of her and her employees conducting procedures and skincare advice.

Kim and her husband Chris chartered Parsifal III with their friends: Investment banker Dino and his wife Donna, Miami surgeon Pedro and his wife Adriana. The group tipped the crew $20,000, which resulted in each cast member making $2,500.

Primary Charter Guest Dawn, Husband & Friends From Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Charter 5

Charter guests Dawn, Marni and Lauren get a photo with Chef Marcos while on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

On charter 5 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3, charter guests Dawn Zacha and her husband Tim Miller join the crew to sail. The other guests on the charter include their friends: Marni and her husband Brian, Lauren and her husband Jamie.

On Dawn’s Instagram, she shares pictures of her enjoying life in Chicago with husband Tim and their daughter. Dawn’s an independent sales professional, vegan foodie who loves bikinis, yoga and dance. Her husband Tim is a software company CEO who loves sailing on Lake Michigan.

Her friends and husband don’t have their Instagram accounts set to private. On the show they have been relatively tame compared to other charter guests.

These charter guests were pleased with the service, and Dawn enjoyed her vegan meals. They left a generous charter tip of $20,000 or $2,500 for each crew member remaining after Tom’s firing.

4th Charter: Charter Guests Jim Blumenthal, Veronica, Chris, Ken, Rick & Marni

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Primary charter guest Jim Blumenthal owns businesses in Boulder, Colorado. He’s the President of Trailer Source and owns an RV dealership, per LinkedIn.

Jim and his friends were fairly easy-going while on the show, except they made the crew do a talent show. His long-term girlfriend Veronica stipulated the sailing yacht should be full of flowers. She’s a registered nurse.

Jim’s good friend Ken is another charter guest on the boat. He’s also a businessman who owns and operates office buildings. He’s a self-described comedian and is married to his wife Chris. She is in charge of the upkeep for their “multiple” homes across the US.

Jim and Veronica’s other friends invited as charter guests were Rick and Marni. Rick is a retired tech company executive and his wife Marni is in sales. Rick also loves to try rare and expensive wines.

Jim, Veronica and Co. left the cast a great tip of $21,000, or $25,030 for each crew member. Tom was fired in the middle of charter, so he was given only $760 in tip money.

3rd Charter: Charter Guests James Cox Junior, Bunny & Brother Tyler

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Charter Guests James Cox, Bunny, and Tyler
James Cox and the rest of his group of charter guests enjoy being abord Parsifal III on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 (Screengrab, Instagram).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guests James Cox Junior, his brother Tyler Cox, their “cougar” friend Amy “Bunny” Dunn and the guys’ dad James Cox Senior all had a blast on Parsifal III.

On their charter, the group had a great time despite the lack of wind for sailing. Tyler, a wine connoisseur, imbibed too much and passed out cold at the first dinner. Tyler took over the family tile business based in Florida. Meanwhile, James Jr. is a successful real estate broker based in Manhattan, New York.

Their long-time friend Amy Dunn posted on Instagram a lot on their trip. Amy, a stunning 51, had fun hitting on the male crew members.

James Sr. celebrated his 75th birthday while on the sailing yacht.

This group of guests gave the crew a tip total of $16,000 or $1,778 per person.

2nd Charter: Charter Guests Erica Rose & Charles Sanders

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Charter Guests Erica Rose and Husband Charles Sanders
Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s primary charter guest Erica Rose and husband Charles Sanders arrive in Spain (Screengrab, Bravo).

Reality TV lover Erica Rose and her husband Charles Sanders made their mark in Below Deck charter guest history. They will not soon be forgotten as some of the worst charter guests to disgrace themselves on a yacht.

Erica Rose is an Instagram influencer and lawyer from Houston, Texas. She is an aspiring reality TV star who has been on The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, Dr. Phil and Inside Edition. She has two daughters, one with Charles “Chuck” and one with her ex fiance.

Charles is also a lawyer, and shares a practice with Erica. He focuses on auto injury law. Charles gave a crying apology for his appalling behavior while on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

Erica’s mom Cindi Rose was also on the charter. She added to the madness of the charter by staining a white couch with brown bronzer and arriving late after getting kicked off a flight.

This Erica Rose’s infamous group of charter guests gave a pathetic $6,500 tip to the crew. This meant crew members only received only $722 each for the charter.

1st Charter: Primary Charter Guest McCordia Young

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Primary Charter Guest McCordia Young & Friends
Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Primary Charter Guest McCordia Young & Friends on episode 1 (Screengrab, Bravo).

Washington DC real estate investor McCordia Young and the other charter guests were a relatively tame group compared to Erica Rose’s family.

They kept Chef Marcos very busy in the galley due to their insatiable appetites. Things took a bad turn when McCordia got too drunk and was sexually harassing Gabriela Barragan. She brushed off his inappropriate advances like a pro.

McCordia’s friends on the charter with him included his ex lover and business partner Norman Slye-Hawkins. He also invited other real estate agents including Leisel Taylor, Arnita Greene, Aliya Johnson.

McCordia and the other charter guests gave a total tip of $17,600. Each crew member received $1,955 in total tip money from the first charter.

This article will be updated with the latest on new charter guests from this season.


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