Outlast: What Happened to Justin After Netflix Show

Outlast: What Happened to Justin After Netflix Show

It’s been one week since the release of Netflix’s Outlast, and the fallout has mostly settled by this point. With that in mind, fans are wondering what happened to Justin Court, age 44, after his dramatic elimination from the show.

Unsurprisingly, tensions between the La Grange, Kentucky native and his former Team Alpha teammates are higher than ever. Jill Ashlock, the Alpha team captain and the clear choice for season villain, has been the most vocal against Justin. She claims Justin came up with the idea to steal Team Delta’s sleeping bags during his raid on their camp. If she is to be believed, he acted alone and she only wanted him to steal a few items. However, Javier Colón, who also felt Team Alpha’s wrath, casts doubt on this analysis. He dismisses the idea that Justin could come up with the idea on his own, saying that Justin was “easily manipulated”.

Everyone here is very biased and has credibility issues of their own, so it’s important to keep that in mind. However, one clear answer to the question, “What happened to Justin and Jill” is that they will likely never speak to one another again.

What Happened To Justin After Outlast: Training, Working & Trash Talking

Blacksmith Justin making a horseshoe at work

Blacksmith Justin making a horseshoe at work (Instagram).

If Justin is bothered by the entire world watching him skulk around stealing sleeping bags, he’s not showing it. Friends on Justin’s Facebook have turned his status as a sneaky thief into a meme of sorts. Justin’s training partners and friends will joke about him stealing their gis (those white karate uniforms) to motivate them. The Jiu Jitsu Times caught up with Justin for an interview, where he reveals that he lost 25 pounds during the show. He also claims that he would go through it again, and be even more ruthless. Finally, Justin says that his tactics were inspired by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and that he was only ever at 40% at his lowest point.

Justin’s Instagram stories take several direct shots back at Javier, asking “¿Dónde está Javier?” with an emoji of a Hispanic man. Text reads “Lord of the Flies? More like Fjord of the Lies!” Other stories mock Javier and Team Bravo teammate Brian Kahrs. One shows the two men’s faces underneath what looks like a picture of a male and female wolf together. Others show the two men’s faces Photoshopped on guys in suggestive poses wearing camouflage and leopard print thong/shoulder strap outfits. Javier’s IG handle @hungryguyonabicycle is also rendered in rainbow text. The highly inappropriate implication is clear.

Since the show, Justin still works as a blacksmith making and installing horseshoes. He also continues his Jiu-jitsu training, riding his motorcycle and axe throwing.

Justin is currently promoting The Unofficial Rambo Survival Course from July 14-16, 2023, hosted by @Campcraft_Outdoors in Kentucky. Well have to wait for an Outlast reunion episode to get more details on what happened to Justin and the rest of the cast members.

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