Below Deck Season 10 Trailer: Everything Explained & Spoilers

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer: Everything Explained & Spoilers

Bravo finally released the Below Deck season 10 trailer at BravoCon earlier this month and the show premieres later than usual on the annual calendar on Monday, November 21. In the meantime fans can watch the end of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 and the beginning of Below Deck Adventure. Although fans still have to wait awhile, there’s plenty of drama promised from the Below Deck season 10 trailer.

On Nov. 15, 2022, Bravo released the first seven minutes of Below Deck season 10’s premiere episode.

OG Captain Lee Rosbach returns despite previous health problems. However, it looks like the Stud of the Sea is forced to call it quits before the end of the charter season due to bad health, yet again! Here’s everything we learned from the 3-minute Below Deck season 10 trailer, including boatmances, spoilers, new and returning cast, charter guests, and more.

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Reveals Boatmance Between Deckhand Ben & American Idol Star Camille

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Camille & Ben Kissing In Boatmance

Below Deck season 10 trailer shows deckhand-stew Camille & deckhand Ben hooking up in boatmance (Bravo).

After Below Deck Med season 7 and Below Deck season 9’s cast didn’t really give fans much in the way of boatmances, Below Deck season 10 trailer shows this season will more than make up for those relationship-dud seasons.

“The whole [bleep] night,” deckhand Tony Duarte complains in a clip. The trailer shows him trying to get some sleep on the bottom bunk while deckhand-stew and former American Idol contestant Camille Lamb hooks up with Australian deckhand Ben Willoughby. Another clip also shows Camille giving Ben a very risque lap dance.

Below Deck Season 10 Stew/Deckhand Camille Lamb

Below Deck season 10 Stew-Deckhand Camille Lamb takes on a unique hybrid role this charter season (Instagram).

Below Deck Season 10 Deckhand Ben Willoughby

Deckhand Ben Willoughby showing off his bodybuilder physique (Instagram).

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Ben & Camille Hooking Up

Below Deck season 10 trailer shows Ben & Camille hooking up while deckhand Tony tries to sleep in the bottom bunk in the same cabin (Bravo).

Another female crew members says Camille and Ben’s PDA makes her noxious. Apparently Ben and Camille’s boatmance is a hot and heavy mess that bothers their crewmates.

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Reveals Love Triangle Of Bosun Ross & Two Female Crew Members

On top of this sloppy boatmance on new superyacht St. David, Brit Bosun Ross McHarg appears to be competing with BDSY‘s Gary King for biggest ladies’ man from the franchise. The Below Deck season 10 trailer shows Ross making out and fooling around with at least two female co-stars. He makes out with American deckhand Katie Glaser several times, even during work hours in different areas of the boat.

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Clip Shows Bosun Ross & Deckhand Katie In Boatmance

Below Deck season 10 clip shows Bosun Ross & deckhand Katie fooling around in the hot tub (Bravo).

Below Deck Season 10's Ross & Katie Hooking Up On The Job

Below Deck season 10’s Bosun Ross McHarg fools around with deckhand Katie Glaser while on the job (Bravo).

Bosun Ross McHarg's Instagram

Bosun Ross McHarg enjoying a drink while traveling (Instagram).

Deckhand Katie Glaser Enjoys Yachting

Below Deck season 10 Deckhand Katie Glaser enjoying the yachting life (Instagram).

However, later on in the season he starts a burgeoning boatmance with stewardess Alissa Humber. The other stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto catches the two making out. Other clips from the trailer show Katie looking jealous or glum about Ross starting a second romance with another colleague.

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Showing Ross & Alissa's Romance

The Below Deck season 10 trailer also reveals Ross fooling around with stew Alissa Humber, too (Bravo).

Ross’s “flirty ways” with his co-stars gets him into trouble, according to Bravo.

Below Deck Season 10 Spoilers

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Shows Captain Lee Returning But Also Leaving Due To Bad Health

“I’ve got a pocket full of plane tickets I’ve got no problem handing out,” Captain Lee ominously says in the trailer. It looks like Captain Lee is going to fire some crew members before he himself leaves the show.

Throughout the Below Deck season 10 trailer it shows charter guests complaining about the food and Chef Rachel Hargrove getting mad in the galley and giving two middle fingers at once. Since filming season 10, Rachel’s quit Below Deck and blasted Bravo. It’s quite possible she storms off the show like she did back on Below Deck season 8, except this time she might not return. Some of her Below Deck season 10 cast members followed other chefs on Instagram at the time of filming, so perhaps one of them comes in to replace Rachel.

Bravo also hints that Below Deck season 9’s Fraser Olender struggles in his promotion as Chief Steward. A lot of his co-stars follow Chief Stewardess Leigh-Ann on Instagram, suggesting she may come on to replace him. However, it’s more likely that she comes on to replace Camille, who seems to be struggling in her hybrid role as a deckhand-stew according to the trailer clips. Some of the crew members also follow a few yachtie deckhands, suggesting someone for the deck team may also get fired.

Finally, Captain Lee himself has to leave the show suddenly when his health fails him. Below Deck‘s Reddit superfans already shared photos of Captain Sandy Yawn on location in Saint Lucia at the time the show was filming. A lot of fans don’t like Captain Sandy after the way she fired Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier. The news of her replacing Captain Lee will upset a lot of the fanbase.

Fans can find out what happened to the rest of the Below Deck season 9 cast here.

Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guests

The charter guests from Below Deck season 10 will deliver excitement with some celebs coming aboard.

Pro motocross racer and influencer Keith Victor Hoogstad and his fitness pro weightlifting wife Jolynn Hoogstad.

Retired tennis super star and 17 major doubles titles winner Gigi Fernandez is also a primary charter guest this season in Saint Lucia. She and her girlfriends appear to have had a great time yachting while on the show. They also showed off some of the delicious dishes made by Chef Rachel.

Gigi celebrated her birthday while on the show.

Another Below Deck season 10 primary charter guest is New York real estate agent Janine Acquafredda, who celebrated being divorced by chartering a yacht.

“The last time I was here, I was just a kid on my honeymoon and don’t remember much. This time, I’m divorced AF and creating unforgettable memories,” she wrote in a post of her on the superyacht.

Below Deck Season 10 Boat Crash & Fire Emergency

Although there have been several boat crashes in the Below Deck franchise’s history, Captain Lee has never had it happen on his watch. The trailer for the latest season suggests his spotless record may finally come an end.

To make matters even worse, it looks like there will also be a serious fire onboard the superyacht this season, too.

It’s so bad Captain Lee warns the crew they may need to evacuate the boat.

All the drama and danger from the Below Deck season 10 trailer suggests this may be one of the best seasons yet. Below Deck fans will definitely want to tune in for the premiere on Monday, Nov. 21 at 8 PM EST on Bravo.

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